Additional cop assigned to football games

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Thursday, October 4, 2007
— An extra police officer will be assigned to games at Monterey Stadium, the Janesville School District announced this morning.

District officials said Monday that they had no immediate plans to increase security measures in the wake of a robbery and sexual assault that occurred last Friday after a game.

Officials noted Monday that the police department, which had initially suspected the crimes were linked to the football game, had backed away from the tie-in.

But in a news release this morning, the district said that because of the robbery and assault, it would add an officer to the two it has hired in the past to cover the football games.

The district athletic director, game supervisors and assistant principals from the home team also provide game security, the district said.

It wasn’t clear what the third officer’s duties would be, or how long the officer would remain on duty after the game.

The change is in effect “for the remaining season.” District officials could not immediately be found to confirm that they were referring to the football season, or to say how much they pay police officers.

District comptroller Lauri Clifton said the district paid the police department $3,573 for athletics events last school year, but that sum appears to cover more than just the football season.

The district also said the stadium lights will be left on until 11 p.m. after the games. It did not say how long the lights have been kept on in the past.

The district also asked parents to pick up students immediately after the game in a lighted area near the stadium and to require students to contact their parents if they leave during the game. Students leaving during the game are not allowed back into the stadium for any reason, the district said.

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