Town of Milton OKs 33 percent levy hike

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Gazette Staff
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
— Town residents will pay the higher levy approved at the public hearing Nov. 20, the town board decided Tuesday.

Residents approved a 33.4 percent levy increase at the public hearing, but supervisors Sue Gavigan and Gail Slepekis worried the increase exceeded the state levy limit.

Chairman Bryan Meyer said the increase was legal, despite the state’s 3.86 percent limit on levy increases, because debt is not included in the limit. The town took out a $92,000 loan in 2007 and must pay it back in 2008.

An e-mail sent Monday from Ken Schuck, chief of local government services with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, supported Meyer’s view that the $326,000 levy was legal, Meyer said.

“If the town of Milton levies that amount, then there will not be a penalty and reduction in state revenues,” Meyer read from the e-mail.

The town board voted 3-1 Tuesday to confirm the increase was legal, with Slepekis opposing. Gavigan was absent.

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