Milton city budget

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Gazette Staff
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
— A look at the 2008 budget for the city of Milton:


-- $600,000 to repay a loan. The city was scheduled to repay $100,000 this year, but it decided to pay back the entire loan to avoid future interest payments, City Administrator Todd Schmidt said.

-- A $68,000 increase in debt service. The city took out a $4 million loan in 2007 for road construction projects and might borrow again in 2008 to repay some of the debt and pay for $1 million in improvements to Highway 59, Schmidt said.

-- A $43,000 increase in fire and EMS expenses. In October, the Milton Joint Fire Commission passed a budget increase of 21 percent to pay for renovated sleeping quarters, a raise for the firefighters and the final payment on a new tanker.

-- A $29,000 increase in police wages and overtime. The city originally had planned an even bigger increase in wages, but it refigured the budget for two vacant positions to be filled in July instead of April, Schmidt said. Schmidt estimated it will take at least that long for the city to negotiate a new contract with the police union and hire two new officers.

Total budget

Next year: $4.15 million

This year: $3.42 million

Increase: 21.4%

Tax levy

Next year: $1.96 million

This year: $1.85 million

Increase: 5.6%

Tax rate

(Per $1,000 of assessed valuation)

Next year: $6.19

This year: $5.99

Increase: 3.2%

Note: Percent changes calculated on whole numbers.

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