Students could get MTV makeover

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
— Who wants to be on TV?

That’s essentially the question for students at Craig High School.

MTV is coming to the school to audition students for its reality makeover show called “Made.”

Students were buzzing about the Dec. 12 auditions even before they officially were announced, said Principal Mike Kuehne.

Kuehne recently got a call from an MTV producer, who said Craig had been selected as one of several Wisconsin high schools for casting calls. Others are in Milwaukee, Mukwonago, Green Bay and Madison.

Kuehne said it would have been easier to just say no, but once he checked it out, he thought it would be a good opportunity for students.

“Made” matches young people with a coach or trainer who helps them achieve a personal goal.

The program’s Web site lists previous shows in which teens were “Made” into a triathlete and a break dancer. Others were transformed from “geek to chic” and from a “party girl” to a “brainiac.”

Still others have tried to become a homecoming king, rapper, rocker, volleyball player, skate boarder, plus-size model and “lady’s man.”

MTV assured Kuehne that “Made” is the channel’s most family-friendly program. Kuehne checked to be sure that no objectionable advertisers sponsored the program. None does, he said.

Kuehne made a formal proposal to the district administration. In it, he wrote that students would learn about setting goals and working toward those goals, which is a trait of many successful people.

The administration approved.

Interested students are asked to fill out a four- to five-page application, Kuehne said. The producers will choose 20 to 70 of those for interviews. The auditions are set for 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 12.

MTV will choose one or two students, at the most, Kuehne said. Or, none might be chosen.

MTV chose Craig by looking at a Web site that rates schools, www.greatschools.net, Kuehne was told.

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