Police check mysterious locker at mall

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Gazette Staff
Tuesday, November 20, 2007
— Janesville police spent two hours at the Janesville Mall on Monday night investigating a suspicious package by a Dumpster next to the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant, 2500 Milton Ave.

Responding to the scene at 5:51 p.m., police found a small metal locker with two locked doors. After checking with staff of mall businesses, nobody admitted to putting the locker where it was found, said patrol supervisor Sgt. Chas. Aagaard.

Upon further investigation, a female employee of Waldenbooks said she’d seen the locker before. A person leaving the restaurant reported seeing a man dressed in a green tuxedo and magician’s hat near the dumpster.

Officers then saw the man exit Sears. Police questioned the man, who admitted being near the Dumpster. However, he said he didn’t put the locker there, Aagaard said.

Later, officers learned a Waldenbooks’ manager who wasn’t at the mall when the investigation began admitted to placing the locker near the Dumpster. She told police the locker contained old forms she was throwing away, and that she couldn’t lift the locker to get it in the Dumpster, Aagaard said.

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