Budget includes city hall study

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Stacy Vogel
Tuesday, November 20, 2007
— Edgerton’s 2008 budget contains few major changes, but $20,000 set aside for a city hall facilities study could point to larger expenses in the future.

The facilities study will examine the aging city hall and determine whether it should be renovated, moved or rebuilt, City Administrator Ramona Flanigan said.

The Edgerton City Council passed the budget, including the facilities study, after a public hearing Monday.

The building at 12 Albion St. was already 50 years old when Edgerton bought it in 1950, although it has undergone some renovation, Flanigan said.

Officials realized the building needed attention this summer, when a mason hired to maintain the building’s exterior told them the walls needed rebuilding.

“The masonry was in such bad shape that it wasn’t repair, it was a reconstruction of a wall,” Flanigan said.

The council included $20,000 in next year’s budget to address the problem, but it’s not sure how the money will be used, Flanigan said. The city might hire a consultant to provide a cost estimate of a new building, or it could decide to stick with the current building.

“They may decide they’re going to stay in this building, and then the money might go toward renovating it,” she said.

Flanigan wasn’t sure when the council will take up the issue. It might start discussing how it wants to spend the money in the next couple of months, but the money won’t be available until 2008, she said.

Other highlights in the budget include:

-- $12,500 as a matching grant for a skatepark in Central Park.

-- A 16 percent increase in library expenses to fund additional staff time and new books. The increase is necessary because of increased attendance since the 2006 addition, Flanigan said.

-- A 30 percent drop in the city’s portion of the tax rate. That number is misleading though, because the city did a full assessment this year and residential property values increased an average of 48 percent.

-- A $6,000 increase to fund a park master plan, which was passed by an amendment during Monday’s meeting.

A look at the 2008 budget for Edgerton:

Total budget

Next year: $3.36 million

This year: $3.28 million

Increase: 2.60%

Tax levy

Next year: $1.79 million

This year: $1.74 million

Increase: 2.92%

Tax rate

(Per $1,000 of assessed valuation)

Next year: $6.01

This year: $8.59

Decrease: 30.03%

Note: Percent changes calculated on whole numbers.

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