Public Record for Nov. 18, 2007

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Gazette Staff
Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rock County

Intoxicated driving arrests

-- NOAH D. WALHOUD, 24, of 241 E. Russell Road, Janesville, at 11:26 p.m. Friday at 3222 Humes Road, Janesville. It was reported as his third arrest on drunken-driving charges. He was also arrested on charges of possession of marijuana.

-- HIGHWAY 14 AND NORTH PONTIAC DRIVE, Janesville, at 12:16 p.m., Saturday. A car driven by Kelly Deaton, 39, of 584 S. 6th St., Evansville, was turning onto North Pontiac Drive when it collided with a car driven by Christina M. Walters, 18, of 1630 S. Willard Ave., Janesville. Walters was treated and released at Mercy Hospital.

Walworth County Court

-- KHAMZA R. ABBASOV, Waukesha, operating without carrying license, $186.

-- MYKEL ZANDELIHK ALEKZANDERH, Racine, operating without carrying license, $211.

-- BIBIAN O. AMADOR, Carpentersville, Ill., interfere with traffic sign/signal, $312.

-- JAMIE S. ANDERSON, Johnsburg, Ill., operating without carrying license, $236.

-- ALEX M. BECK, Manchester, Mo., speeding, $236.

-- JOSHUA D. BIELAK, Cedar Lake, Ind., speeding, $236.

-- ANGEL BORGES, Milwaukee, operating without carrying license, $186.

-- JESSE G. BRIDGES, Trevor, operating without carrying license, $280.

-- SHAUN P. CANFIELD, Minocqua, speeding, $186.

-- KATHARINE L. COBEAN, Oswego, Ill., inattentive driving, $286.

-- CHRISTOPHER M. COCO, Louis, Mo., improper signal for stop/turn, $261.

-- FRANK V. CRIVELLO, 1625 Crescent Drive, Beloit, speeding, $186.

-- BRYCE H. DAVIS, Roscoe, Ill., possess open intoxicants in motor vehicle-driver, $249.

-- MORGAN E. DEXTER, Burlington, operating without carrying license, $236.

-- ANTHONY S. DIONISIO, Kenosha, permit unauthorized person to drive, $186.

-- JOSHUA B. DOWNS, Rockton, Ill., possess open intoxicants in motor vehicle-passenger, $186.

-- PAMELA C. DZIADUS, Grove, Ill., speeding, $236.

-- SARA CHRISTINE ENNEN, Maple Grove, Minn., speeding, $236.

-- DANA JOY EVANS, N W6959 Walworth Road, Walworth, speedometer violations, $236.

-- DAMION D. GAENGEL, Milwaukee, operating without carrying license and operating with PAC .10 or more, $916, non-probation conditions, license revoked and alcohol assessment.

-- JESUS GAMIZ, Waukegan, Ill., operating while suspended and speeding, $466.

-- JESSICA M. GARCIA, 1976 Church St., East Troy, operating without valid license and violation of child safety restraint requirement-child under four years of age, $346.

-- THOMAS R. GARLOCK, N7375 E. Lake Shore Drive, Whitewater, operating without carrying license, $186.

-- VICTOR M. GARZA, Twin Lakes, speeding, $236.

-- HEATHER M. GILBERTSON, Bay View, operating without carrying license, $186.

-- ANDREW M. GOLDSMITH, Glencoe, Ill., operating without carrying license, $280.

-- AMELIA D. GONZALEZ, Racine, operating while suspended, $186.

-- RANDY L. GRAHAM, West Allis, speedometer violations, $186.

-- DAVID E. GUSTAFSON, 326 Fontana Blvd., Fontana, speeding, $186.

-- MARK P. HARRIG, Pewaukee, automobile following too closely, $186.

-- CHRISTOPHER M. HEBERT, Lake, Ill., speeding, $261.

-- TERRENCE HEGARTY, Hinsdale, Ill., speeding, $261.

-- NAKIA M. HOLLIS, Milwaukee, operating while suspended, $186.

-- BRANDON L. IBARRA, Burlington, speeding, $211.

-- JENNIFER N. IRVING, Rockford, Ill., automobile following too closely, $186.

-- BRENT C. JOHNSON, Lake, Ill., inattentive driving, $236.

-- RONALD J. JOHNSON, Honey Creek, operating without carrying license, $211.

-- JOANN A. KELLY, Schaumburg, Ill., operating without valid license, $186.

-- PAUL J. KIEFER, Eureka, operating without carrying license, $186.

-- KRAIG S. KILPATRICK, Pingree Grove, Ill., speeding, $286.

-- ASHLEIGH A. KNESER, Franklin, operating without carrying license, $186.

-- TONY P. KNIGHT, N3386 Club House Drive, Lake Geneva, operating without carrying license, $186.

-- DANIEL KUROWSKI, Lake in the Hills, Ill., speeding, $286.

-- MICHAEL S. LETO, Milwaukee, drink open intoxicants in motor vehicle-passenger, $186.

-- CHRISTINE A. LITWIN, Mukwonago, speeding, $261.

-- HALEY E. LOKER, Mukwonago, minor transporting intoxicants in motor vehicle, $249.

-- EVA D. LOPEZ, Freeport, Ill., speeding, $236.

-- CORY A. LOVAS, 2920 Elm St., East Troy, spilling waste load on/along highway and driving too fast for conditions, $400.

-- TERESE L. MAROHL, Franklin, speeding, $186.

-- GUY W. MARSHALL, 546 Valencia Drive, Delavan, operating while suspended, $186.

-- JACOB EDWARD MASON, Hills, Ill., speeding, $236.

-- ANDREW C. MENARD, N1013 Iris Ave., Genoa City, speeding, $343.

-- KEVIN D. MICHENER, W7955 Creek Road, No. 402, Delavan, speeding, $210.

-- JASON D. MICKELSON, Cudahy, drink open intoxicants in motor vehicle-passenger, $186.

-- HENRY L. MICKLE, Burlington, speeding, $186.

-- JESSICA L. MIRON, Menomonee Falls, possess open intoxicants in motor vehicle-passenger, $186.

-- LUIS MORENO, Burlington, operating without valid license, $186.

-- MIGUEL A. MORENO, 827 Phoenix St., No. 2, Delavan, operating without carrying license, $236.

-- TODD M. MOWRY, Plattville, speeding, $186.

-- OTHEN E. NUNEZ, Lisle, Ill., speeding, $261.

-- MOIRA S. OHARA, Barrington, Ill., operating without carrying license, $236.

-- JAMES T. ONDERAK, Sun Prairie, speeding, $236.

-- THOMAS G. ONEILL, Park Ridge, Ill., speeding, $261.

-- GEOFFREY ROSS PERRY, City, Iowa, possess open intoxicants in motor vehicle-passenger, $186.

-- JERAD PAUL PHILLIPS, City, Iowa, keep open intoxicants in motor vehicle-passenger, $186.

-- LUCAS R. PHILLIPS, Daleville, Ind., speeding, $236.

-- CHAD M. PLUEGER, Minnetonka, Minn., operating without valid license and passing on hill or curve, $498.

-- ELIZABETH F. QUOSS, Ellyn, Ill., speeding, $236.

-- JEREMY P. RANNOW, Racine, speeding, $236.

-- ADAM J. RENKIEWICZ, Huntley, Ill., speeding, $236.

-- JENNIFER M. RICHARDSON, Hartland, drink open intoxicants in motor vehicle-passenger, $186.

-- VENUS E. RODRIGUEZ, 1903 W. Burbank Ave., Janesville, speeding, $236.

-- JOSE B. ROMERO, 867 N. Sandy Lane, Elkhorn, speedometer violations, $186.

-- MALIA M. ROUSSEAU, Green Bay, improper signal for stop/turn, $186.

-- BILLY E. SAYLOR, Troy, Mo., speedometer violations, $236.

-- BRANDON M. SCHMALING, 403 Kenosha St., Walworth, operating without carrying license, $211.

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