Maintenance workers ratify tentative contract

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
— Custodians, maintenance and food-service workers in the Janesville School District have ratified a tentative contract agreement.

The school board is scheduled to meet Friday morning to consider approval of the 2007-09 contract for about 176 full- and part-time workers.

The contract settlement has implications for Janesville teachers, who are negotiating their own two-year contract.

The workers in AFSCME Local 938 agreed to changes in their health-care coverage that are similar to those proposed for the teachers, said Steve Johnson, director of administrative and human services.

Those changes include payment of health-insurance premiums for the first time. Workers will pay 10 percent of their premium cost, or 5 percent if they participate in certain wellness activities.

The mental-health benefit was reduced. Until now, the first $500 each year was paid at 100 percent, and the remainder at 80 percent. Now, all mental health services will be paid at 80 percent.

The drug plan was changed to a three-tier system in which co-pays are $5 for generics, $15 for preferred drugs and $30 for non-preferred drugs. The co-pay for mail-order prescriptions was doubled.

“The main thing is that this group agreed to some changes which we hope will help us control costs and at the same time not affect their coverage too drastically,” Johnson said.

The AFSCME workers will see an increase in salary and benefits combined of 7.34 percent over two years, or an average 3.67 percent per year, Johnson said.

Workers also received an increase of personal leave days, from one to two per year.

Family illness days were increased from two to four.

Also, new hires who work only during the school year no longer will receive vacation, while current workers will keep that benefit, Johnson said.

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