Jansville places four on All-Big Eight first team

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In a city known for its blue-collar work force, Janesville Parker High School standout Harold Lloyd brought the same attitude to the football field.

Lloyd’s ability to dominate on both sides of the ball didn’t go unnoticed in the Big Eight. The 6-foot-3, 270-pound senior has been named the Offensive and Defensive Lineman of the Year, and is one of four Janesville players on the coaches’ all-conference first team.

Joining Lloyd on the first team are wide receiver Tyler Uschan and center Mike Valentine of Craig, along with Parker outside linebacker Enio Perez. Uschan and Perez also have been named Player of the Year at their positions.

Big Eight co-champion Madison La Follette tops the first-team selections with eight, and co-champion Sun Prairie has six. La Follette also has the Coach of the Year in Chad Wiese, who led the Lancers to their first championship since 1976.

Lloyd’s non-stop motor and superior strength enabled him to repeat as a first-team selection on offense and defense.

In becoming the Offensive Lineman of the Year for the second straight season, Lloyd helped lead the Vikings to a 6-4 record and a 12th straight WIAA playoff appearance. His ability to get off the ball and manhandle the opposition enabled junior LaVell Hewlett to rush for 1,095 yards and become a second-team selection.

“Harold personifies our football team,” Parker coach Joe Dye said. “He was just a blue-collar guy that worked hard and went all out, whether it was practice or a game.”

Lloyd, who is getting significant attention from Division I colleges, led the Vikings in tackles, tackles for losses and sacks. By gaining nearly 25 pounds—most of it muscle—from his junior year, he proved to be too tough to block one-on-one.

“Teams either double-teamed Harold or ran away from him,” Dye said. “That made his teammates better because they were given the opportunity to make plays.”

Perez was among those who thrived during the double-teaming of Lloyd. The 6-0, 175-pound senior, despite missing two games with a shoulder injury, finished second on the team in tackles.

Perez moved up from a being a second-team selection a year ago, thanks to a strong second half of the season.

“Enio missed weeks five and six, but only one of those was a conference game,” Dye said. “After he came back in week seven, he really played well.

“All you had to do was watch Enio on tape to see what a productive player he was,’’ Dye said. “And obviously, the other coaches in this league saw that.”

Uschan put together a record-setting season for Craig’s explosive attack in also making the jump from second to first team. The 6-2, 210-pound senior caught a school-record 52 passes for 725 yards.

Uschan finished with eight touchdown receptions and had a monstrous game against Madison Memorial early in the season. He caught 13 passes for 299 yards—both Craig records—from second-team quarterback Charlie Roherty, who threw for 1,948 yards this season and 4,503 in a three-year career.

“Tyler's got all the tools necessary,” Craig coach Bill O'Leary said of Uschan. “He’s got a lot of speed, he runs good patterns and has great hands.

“I’m not sure what’s in Tyler’s future, but with his size and athleticism, he would make a great tight end in college. I hope he gets the opportunity.”

Valentine anchored the offensive line for a Craig team that went 5-3 in the Big Eight and led the conference until well into the season. The 6-1, 276-pound junior helped protect Roherty in Craig’s pass-oriented offense and also was a big reason why senior tailback Greg Pedersen rushed for more than 800 yards and earned second-team honors.

“Not a lot of teams run trapping plays with their center, but we did because of Mike’s versatility,” O'Leary said. “Coaches would look at film on us and see (No.) 54 (Valentine) pulling on a play and probably wondered what the heck was going on. But that worked well in our offensive scheme.

“Mike's a kid that gets the job done with his actions, not his words,” O’Leary said. “We’ll probably use him on defense as well next year because of ability.”

Other Craig second-team selections are senior Blair Kessler, defensive line; senior Kyle Leistikow, inside linebacker; senior Jake Kuehne, outside linebacker; senior Stephen Rogers, outside linebacker; and Roherty, punter.

Parker has placed return specialist and wide receiver Jared Fox on the second team, along with senior Chris Gunn, offensive line; senior Drew McCann, defensive secondary; senior D’Merius Holbrook, defensive line; and senior Cameron Hanson, inside linebacker.

All-Big Eight




Hgt. Wgt. Yr

QB—Lee Brekke, Sun Prairie 6-2 185 Sr.

QB—Steve Chapiewsky, La Follette 6-2 180 Sr.

RB—D.J. Fuller, La Follette 5-10 180 So.

RB—Leighton Settle, West 5-10 170 So.

RB—Erik Moser, East 6-2 195 Sr.

OL—Harold Lloyd, Parker 6-3 270 Sr.

OL—Matt Steiber, Sun Prairie 6-3 275 Sr.

OL—Troy Rolli, East 6-2 290 Sr.

OL—Ryan Groy, Middleton 6-5 170 Jr.

OL—Mike Valentine, Craig 6-1 276 Jr.

TE—Spencer Lorrig, Memorial 6-2 220 Sr.

WR—Tyler Uschan, Craig 6-2 210 Sr.

WR—Cashton Craig, La Follette 5-11 180 Sr.

PK—Jake Dahmen, Sun Prairie 6-4 195 Sr.

RS—Quentin Badger, Memorial 5-11 175 Jr.


DL—Harold Lloyd, Parker 6-3 270 Sr.

DL—Darnell Small, La Follette 6-3 215 Sr.

DL—Andy Gabrysiak, Middleton 6-2 215 Sr.

DL—Rob Price, La Follette 6-0 195 Sr.

ILB—Logan Maly, Sun Prairie 5-10 220 Sr.

ILB—Ross Elliott, La Follette 6-1 215 Jr.

ILB—Levi Disch, Beloit 6-2 198 Sr.

OLB—Enio Perez, Parker 6-0 175 Sr.

OLB—Bob Weske, Sun Prairie 5-10 185 Sr.

OLB—Tony Stein, La Follette 5-11 180 Sr.

DB—Jamison Vacek, La Follette 5-9 170 Sr.

DB—Michael Carter, West 5-11 165 Sr.

DB—Mac Concordia, Sun Prairie 6-0 175 Sr.

DB—Kevin Kruckenberg, Middleton 6-0 170 Sr.

P—Spencer Lorrig, Memorial 6-2 220 Sr.



QB—Charlie Roherty, Craig 5-11 168 Sr.

RB—Sean Marshall, Sun Prairie 5-10 215 So.

RB—Greg Pedersen, Craig 5-11 212 Sr.

RB—LaVell Hewlett, Parker 5-11 180 Jr.

OL—Chris Gunn, Parker 6-3 270 Sr.

OL—Misha Danilov, Middleton 6-7 265 Sr.

OL—Lucas Houser, Sun Prairie 6-4 270 Sr.

OL—Kevin Morrical, Sun Prairie 5-10 240 Sr.

OL—Martin McKenzie, West 6-1 225 Sr.

TE—Cody Plater, Sun Prairie 6-1 205 Sr.

WR—Reed Harmon, Sun Prairie 5-10 175 Sr.

WR—Jared Fox, Parker 6-1 170 Sr.

PK—Steve Chapiewsky, La Follette 6-2 180 Sr.

RS—Jared Fox, Parker 6-1 170 Sr.


DL—Dylan Peterson, Sun Prairie 6-1 265 Sr.

DL—Alex Pollizzi, Beloit 6-2 200 Jr.

DL—D’Merius Holbrook, Parker 6-4 240 Sr.

DL—Blair Kessler, Craig 6-2 218 Sr.

ILB—Cameron Hanson, Parker 6-0 190 Sr.

ILB—Kyle Leistikow, Craig 6-2 206 Sr.

OLB—Jake Kuehne, Craig 5-11 180 Sr.

OLB—Jesse Swedlund, Beloit 5-10 165 Jr.

OLB—Stephen Rogers, Craig 6-0 180 Sr.

DB—Drew McCann, Parker 6-1 170 Sr.

DB—Austin Wills, La Follette 6-0 180 Sr.

DB—Andrew Diebold, Middleton 5-10 160 Sr.

P—Charlie Roherty, Craig 5-11 168 Sr.

Players of the Year—Lee Brekke (Sun Prairie), Steve Chapiewsky (La Follette), quaterback; D.J. Fuller (La Follette), running back; Harold Lloyd (Parker), offensive line; Spencer Lorrig (Memorial), tight end; Tyler Uschan (Craig), wide receiver; Jake Dahmen (Sun Prairie), place-kicker; Badger Quentin (Memorial), return specialist.; Lloyd, defensive lineman; Logan Maly (Sun Prairie), inside linebacker; Enio Perez (Parker), outside linebacker; Jamison Vacek (La Follette), defensive back; Lorrig, punter.

Coach of the Year—Chad Wiese, La Follette.

Assistant Coach of the Year—Jared Acker, Sun Prairie.


Beloit—Ta Trinh, rb, jr.; Tyler Squires, olb, jr.; Casey Loerke, ol, sr.; Tyler Senz, ol, sr.; Joey Fields, db, jr. Janesville Craig—Andryw O’Connor, ol, sr.; Trevor Gregoire, dl, sr.; Darnell Sims, dl, jr.; J.R. Negus, db, sr.; Kyle Goike, db, jr. Janesville Parker—Travis Wood, pk, sr.; Jon Fulton, ol, sr.; Dustin Moench, lb, jr.; Alex Koel, db, jr.; Matt Beyer, dh, sr. Madison East—Antoine Smith, wr, sr.; Alex Nelson, ol, sr.; Jake Jones, lb, sr.; Tyler Harrington, dl, sr.; Jorjio Hopkins, db, jr.

Madison La Follette—Tyler Knight, wr, sr.; Caleb Krueger, rb, sr.; Nate Smith, ol, sr.; De’Andrew Foy, dl, jr.; Joe Pecosky, db, sr. Madison Memorial—Nick Cyganek, qb, sr.; Danny Kraemer, ol, sr.; Tristan Hemphill, ol, sr.; Mike Kuchenbecker, dl, jr.; Sean Finley, db, sr. Madison West—John Settle, olb, sr.; John Strosin, ol, sr.; Jimmy Slattery, lb, sr.; David Doty, fb/lb, sr.; Antwan Braxton, dl, sr.

Middleton—Joe Kracht, wr, jr.; Keegan Nesvacil, te, sr.; Brian Diebold, qb, sr.; Ben Mathias, fb, jr.; Josh Hensen, dl, sr. Sun Prairie—Jake Dahman, wr, sr.; Lee Brekke, p, sr.; Nate Miller, ol, sr.; Travis Ludy, fb, sr.; Dontay Harper, dl, sr.

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