Grant supports local reading program

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Gazette Staff
Friday, November 9, 2007
— A $1,500 grant from the Dollar General stores will help more Janesville public school students raise their reading levels.

The money will help expand the Read 180 program. Read 180 helps students with reading difficulties to increase their reading comprehension in a relatively short time. School officials have been pleased with the results since Read 180 was introduced two years ago.

The grant, along with about $1,000 from school budgets, will buy more books and other Read 180 materials that will help students progress even further after they have completed the existing two-year program, said Sarah Hawthorne of Edison Middle School.

Hawthorne collaborated with Michol Startup of Franklin Middle School and Shana Ratzburg of Marshall Middle School to write the grant. All are special-education teachers. The materials will benefit students at all three schools.

The district is one of 76 organizations to receive the Dollar General Youth Literacy Grants, which are intended to help expand literacy programs for students who are below grade level or experiencing difficulty reading.

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