They could be verse: Musharraf, Mukasey & Ryan

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Rick Horowitz
Thursday, November 8, 2007
If people wore signs that said “This Is a Good One”
Or “This Is a Bad One”

With no in-between,

The world would be simple

With no ambiguity,

Easy to figure who’s dirty, who’s clean.

But maybe you’ve noticed: The world doesn’t work

that way,

Not till the lamb settles down with the lion,

Consider three gents who’ve been making the


Musharraf, Mukasey & Ryan.

Musharraf of Pakistan stands for democracy,

Stands up to terrorists,

Stands with the prez,

Who calls him a buddy,

A bulwark of freedom,

Believes ev’ry word that the general says.

But then there’s a crackdown, he throws foes in


He won’t doff his uniform, tear gas is flyin’,

He’s good and he’s bad like the rest of the trio:

Musharraf, Mukasey & Ryan.

Judge Michael Mukasey just drips with integrity,

Sharp, independent,

You see that at once.

He’s not in the pocket

Of those who appointed him…

What a step up from the previous dunce!

But then there’s the torture thing—why won’t

he say

What’s apparent to any old Tom, Dick and Brian?

He’s black and he’s white, shades of gray like

his partners:

Musharraf, Mukasey & Ryan.

George Ryan was governor, Illinois’ leader,

Whose courage ensured that his name would live long,

He stopped executions,

He emptied Death Row,

Saying “Too many errors…

We can’t get it wrong!”

But then there’s corruption, slick dealing and


Now he’s locked up and the gates aren’t Zion,

He’s stuck behind bars, a mixed bag like the others:

Musharraf, Mukasey & Ryan.

So just when you think that you’ve got all the


You know how to read folks,

You see who they are,

You’d better think twice

Or you’ll jump to conclusions …

Not ev’rything fishy is fine caviar.

It’s just as true now as it’s been throughout


Pharaohs and Emperors, Inca and Mayan,

Remember it’s never all plus or all minus:

Musharraf, Mukasey & Ryan.

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