Rock County's DA office gets addition

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Stan Stricker
Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Rock County District Attorney's office will get a little help from the state budget.

Something's better than nothing, as far as the Rock County District attorney is concerned. David O'Leary is thankful the recently passed state budget will allow a half-time assistant DA in his office, to go full time. He says it was very difficult to get someone to hire on half-time. But, O'Leary doesn't sound confident the addition will make much of an impact in taking more cases to trial. He says the shear volume of cases explains why his prosecutors don't take more cases to trial. He says they don't have the time. Of course, this latest addition isn't really an increase to the office at all, because in 2003 state budget cuts reduced the number of prosecutors in Rock County by one.

O'Leary would like to see more help, especially in light of a recent State Audit Bureau report on staffing levels needed for district attorney offices statewide. The report suggests an additional 117 prosecutors are needed, with seven in Rock County. Til then, it's likely plea deals will remain common in the Rock County Court system.

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