Star-struck Chiefs defenders will try to stop the great Favre

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Doug Tucker/Associated Press
Sunday, November 4, 2007
— First get the interception, then get the autograph.

The way some of his defensive players have been gushing all week over Brett Favre, Kansas City coach Herm Edwards might be tempted to tape that message into the palm of their hands.

A few actually said they might try to get the great quarterback’s signature on the ball should they be honored enough to sack or intercept him when Green Bay comes to town Sunday.

„I’d like to sack him and ask him for his autograph,“ said defensive end Jared Allen.

Allen, whose eight sacks lead the AFC, might be excused for feeling a bit star struck. It’ll be his first and likely only game against the NFL’s career touchdowns leader and Allen is, after all, only a fourth-year pro.

But cornerback Ty Law has played in five Pro Bowls and three Super Bowls and seemed equally starry-eyed.

„It’s an honor to play against him,“ said Law. „If I do happen to get my hands on one of those balls, I’m going in that locker room and saying, ‘Brett, could you sign this, please?“’

Why wait until after the game, a grinning Favre said when told of Law’s comments.

„I’m hoping that it doesn’t happen that way, but I’ve had guys come up and ask if they could have my jersey or shoes or whatever,“ he said. „But that may be a first. Does he want me to sign it right after? If he’ll pay the fine if I pull the Sharpie out?“

The Packers (6-1) are coming off a thrilling overtime victory at Denver that put the lie to any thought of Favre losing zip on his passes in his 17th season. The game ended when he hit Greg Jennings with a perfectly timed throw on an 82-yard touchdown play for Green Bay’s 10th victory in 11 games.

„To cap it off that way was huge, but you know this year has been a case of big wins in all different ways,“ Favre said. „We’ve got to find a way to make it a little bit easier on ourselves, but it sure made it dramatic.“

The Packers are tied with Dallas for the best record in the NFC. But they and their quarterback will have added incentive at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Chiefs (4-3) are the only one of the other 31 teams Favre has never beaten. Should Green Bay break a five-game losing streak against KC, he’ll join Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as the only quarterbacks who have defeated 31 other clubs.

„I’ve heard that this week. It was brought to my attention,“ Favre said. „I’m surprised that they’re the only ones.“

Oddly, Manning and Brady reached the milestone only last week.

„I’ve been playing a long time, played against every team, but I don’t pay a lot of attention to that fact or the fact I’ve beaten this team X amount of times or haven’t beaten this one,“ Favre said. „It’s always the next game, and I know we haven’t had success down there, we haven’t played there in a long time. It’s just another game for us and obviously important. But heck, they all are. I don’t want to win this game for that reason.“

Besides watching Favre in what’ll probably be his final visit to Kansas City, Chiefs fans will have a bonus attraction. It will be the first time Priest Holmes sets foot on the Arrowhead Stadium turf during his remarkable comeback following an absence of almost exactly two years because of a spinal injury.

Holmes got his first game action in Oakland two weeks ago, rushing four times for 9 yards. Edwards says he’d like to get at least 10 touches per game for the former Pro Bowl running back.

„I’m sure that Chiefs fans will be thrilled to see Priest back on the field wearing a Kansas City uniform,“ said guard Brian Waters. „He’ll get a big ovation.“

The Chiefs are coming off their bye week, winners of four of their last five games after starting Edwards’ second season 0-2. For the Packers, it’s a road game following a Monday night road game. Edwards downplayed any advantage his team might have under the circumstances, pointing out the Packers will be operating on adrenaline and momentum.

But Favre recognizes coachspeak when he hears it.

„I’m sure it is (a disadvantage),“ he said. „It was a long trip for us, but this game is about matchups; advantages, disadvantages, schedules always play a part in it. The bottom line is they’re playing well right now. They started off a little shaky, and whether we have an off week, they have an off week, you still have to play your best football.“


AP Sports Writer Colin Fly in Green Bay contributed to this story.

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