Sex offender turns himself in

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Thursday, November 1, 2007
— Police checked on 17 registered sex offenders during trick-or-treat hours Wednesday and found one offender missing.

Troy M. Barrett, 29, of 404 Milton Ave., was among 17 sex offenders whose homes were visited by police and a corrections officer.

Barrett was not home where he should have been, and authorities later learned he was with an adult female companion, Janesville police Deputy Chief Dave Moore said.

“That is a rule violation and caused (the Department of) corrections to issue an order to detain.

Barrett was the only sex offender not in compliance with the rules Wednesday, but turned himself in to the Department of Corrections this morning, Moore said.

“This was a proactive effort by the police department and Department of Corrections to keep watch on sex offenders,” Moore said.

The police department’s Street Crimes Unit—six officers and a sergeant—were accompanied by a probation agent as part of the first-ever Halloween checks during Janesville’s trick-or-treat hours—5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

The six officers split up and visited homes according to a plan developed by the probation agent and Street Crimes Unit sergeant.

“They observed for a while to make sure there was no activity then inspected before meeting with the offender to make sure he was home and not involved with children,” Moore said.

The effort provided two benefits: contact with sex offenders on an evening when many children are out and letting offenders know they never can expect when police will check on them, Moore said.

The joint operation was “to ensure sex offenders were not having contact with children (on Halloween) and to develop our ongoing cooperative relationship with the Department of Corrections,” Moore said.

Sex offenders were avoiding contact with children and were being careful to comply with their rules, which include doing nothing to invite trick-or-treaters, such as porch lights, decorations or pumpkins, Moore said.

“All the homes we checked on were dark with the shades drawn,’’ Moore said. The 16 offenders found at home were compliant.

Only Barrett was in violation, Moore said.

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