Sledders hit the slopes

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

It certainly has made the grown-ups grumble.

But this December’s huge snowfalls have been great for kids who like sledding. Except the kids in the village of Clinton, where they’ve waited eight years for a sledding hill.

The wait is almost over.

This week, the village board gave its final blessing to a new sledding hill in Herb Reffue Park, off Church and High streets. There are no other hills with public access in the village.

The hill is 500 feet long and 300 feet wide, said Tim Kingbaum, an engineer with R.H. Batterman and Co., who designed the hill.

The slope is about 30 feet high.

It was built with fill from construction at Scot Forge, 105 Scot Drive, Clinton, and other projects.

The hill might see a few more truckloads of soil, village President Mary Jensen said. It will be seeded in the spring and ready for sledding next year.

Area sled hills

Name: King Sled Hill

Community: Milton

Location: King Park, Hilltop Drive

Description: A good-sized, “partially natural” hill. The city has added an artificial boost to the hill.


Name: Sunset Park

Community: Elkhorn

Location: Sunset Park on West Walworth Street

Description: The hill is a berm.

Comments: This hill mostly attracts elementary school children.


Name: Craig High School

Community: Janesville

Location: Behind the school at 401 S. Randall Ave.

Description: The slopes leading down to the Craig athletics “bowl” long have been a place for sledders. The activity is not sanctioned by the school district, but neither is anyone chased away.

Comments: Recent construction work has made sledding impossible on the north side. Access to the south side is now difficult because of the soccer-field fence, but a few sledders have been using it. Beware of the strip of large rocks that was installed this year as part of a drainage system for a new parking lot.


Name: Hospital Hill

Community: Town of Beloit

Location: Olympian Boulevard, west of 6th Street. From Afton Road, Newark Road is first set of stoplights; Olympian is second set of lights.

Description: The spot consists of three hills.

Comments: There is parking at the lot of the old hospital, but it’s not always open. Sledders had better be experienced, said town board Chairman Greg Groves said.


Name: Cunningham Elementary School

Community: Town of Beloit

Location: 910 Townline Ave.

Description: It’s nothing like Hospital Hill and is appropriate for younger sledders.


Name: Country Club of Beloit

Community: Town of Beloit

Location: On Club Lane, just west of Park Avenue and north of Cranston Road

Description: The hill goes down into the country club golf course.

Comments: No parking.


Name of hill: Roosevelt School

Community: Janesville

Location: 316 S. Ringold St.

Description: The slopes leading down to the school’s playground are a traditional place for kids to sled.

Comments: Not likely to appeal to bigger kids seeking bigger thrills.


Name of hill: Tripp Lake Hill

Community: Whitewater

Location: Above Tripp Lake on the east side of Whitewater, just south of Highway 12.

Description: Hill offers a decent incline for sledders and snowboarders without too many trees. It ends at the parking lot, and sometimes people get going so fast that they keep sliding into the parking lot. You just have to hope no cars pull in at the same time. The sled hill isn’t too close to the lake, so you don’t have to worry about upsetting the ice anglers’ tip-ups.

Comments: This is a great hill, and there usually are a lot of people on it. It can get bare in spots. Sometimes there’s a lip at the end (before the parking lot) that sends you airborne. The walk up kind of stinks because it’s a little steep.


Name of hill: Ardon Park Sled Hill

Community: City of Janesville

Location: Behind Janesville Mall, running alongside Liberty Avenue between Holiday Drive and Refset Drive

Description: 40-foot hill. It’s manmade, so the top is wide and the slope is level. No trees.

Comments: Sledding down the north slope is great for all ages. Sledding down south slope is not allowed for safety reasons.


Name of hill: Riverside Golf Course

Community: City of Janesville

Location: Riverside Park

Description: The front of the two hills are located at the 10th and 14th tees.

Comments: The hill at the 14th tee is bigger. Might be more fun for older kids.


Name: Rudy Lange Sled Hill

Community: Delavan

Location: Intersection of Washington and Terrace streets

Description: 1.4-acre hill with 335-foot sled area

Comments: Hill is lighted throughout the winter


Name: Wildwood Park Hill

Community: Darien

Location: Wildwood Park, off Wildwood Drive

Description: 30-foot hill with medium-sized sled area


Name: Rotary Park Hill

Community: Walworth

Location: Rotary Park, on Casey Lane, west of Ridge Road

Description: Small hill


Name: Raymar Park Hill

Community: Sharon

Location: Raymar Park on Ballard Street, between Seymour and George streets

Description: Small hill


Edgerton has no “official” sled hill. Apparently kids use a hill at the golf course, but the golf course doesn’t endorse that.

Click here to view a map of all the area sledding locations

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