Beloit murder suspect testifies in trial

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Beth Wheelock
Thursday, December 20, 2007
— Byron Stewart and Thomas Conner were both in Carlos Lak's Beloit apartment when Lak was shot and killed April 2nd. Both suspects claim the other is responsible for Lak's murder. Stewart took the stand on his own behalf Thursday afternoon. The defense portrayed him as a local businessman who just moved into a new home in a nice neighborhood. The prosecution tried to unravel his version of events. Stewart told the defense he had around $200 in his pocket April 2nd. But prosecutors later pointed out another witness had testified Stewart couldn't gamble that day because he had no money.

Stewart says he led police on a chase through Beloit after the shooting because he didn't want Thomas Conner to get into a shootout with police. Stewart says he wasn't worried about the safety of the officers, but he was concerned he would be caught in the line of fire.

Closing arguments are expected Friday morning.

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