Doctor testifies about Beloit murder victim's autopsy

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Beth Wheelock
Tuesday, December 18, 2007
— Byron Stewart's defense attorneys didn't think autopsy or bloody crime scene photographs should be allowed in his trial because of the graphic nature of Carlos Lak's injuries.

Lak sustained three gunshot wounds to the head April 2nd, 2007. Doctor Michael Stier, the University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of forensic pathology who performed the autopsy, was allowed to examine the photographs in the courtroom. Prosecutors were allowed to show the jury all but three of the photographs, but the jury was not allowed to pass them around and the rest of the courtroom was not allowed to see the most graphic of the pictures. The judge overruled objections from the defense, saying jurors could handle the photos because they were expecting to see medical evidence.

37-year-old Stewart is on trial for the murder of 35-year-old Lak.

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