Town of Milton being sued

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Carla McCann
Sunday, December 9, 2007
— A Delavan assessor is suing the town of Milton for more than $46,000 still owed him from a Dec. 2005 contract.

The town hired J & D Pounder, N4515 County M, Delavan, to re-evaluate the township in 2006 after the regular assessor was too busy to do the work, said town Chairman Bryan Meyer.

The town paid Pounder $7,350 on Jan. 22, 2007, according to the complaint.

But the town declined to pay the rest of the bill because the assessor didn’t complete the job or correct some misinformation gathered during the project, Meyer said.

The board wrote a letter to J & D Pounder, asking for corrections and the completion of the project, Meyer said.

“He (John Pounder, the owner) didn’t respond,” Meyer said. “We feel he needs to make an effort to complete the work. Also, there are quite a few areas of contention and some properties weren’t assessed at all.”

Pounder has acknowledged some inconsistencies in the work, Meyer said.

The town believes it will be able to negotiate and settle this out of court, Meyer said.

“I don’t see any reason why that won’t happen,” he added. “We simply wanted a complete job.”

The challenge will be in deciding just how much of the work has been done, Meyer said.

The town also has filed a counterclaim against J & D Pounder that says, among other things, that:

** 30 percent of the company’s measurements are inaccurate.

** 30 percent of the photographs failed to adequately show the property intended to be photographed.

The board will discuss the matter in a closed session next Wednesday.

“We will try to determine what portion of the contract wasn’t filled and what a reasonable settlement would be,” Meyer said.

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