Having fun in the snow is a science

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Carla McCann
Sunday, December 9, 2007
— It is all about the thrill of the ride.

At 9, Malcolm Pharaoh has mastered at least one strategic technique to ensure his ride down hill will be fast and joyful.

“You kneel down on your knees. Then, you push on the ground. That makes you go fast,” Malcolm said.

With his arms in the air and a smile that told of the moment, the Janesville boy slid from the top of Ardon Park Hill to the bottom in a matter of seconds Saturday.

His 7-year-old brother, Isaiah Pharaoh, was close behind.

He had a somewhat different technique.

“You just slip on the ice and go fast,” Isaiah said.

The boys were having too much fun to complain about the cold. While they were sledding, their mother, Carla Pharaoh, was doing double duty. She worked at keeping warm, while watching the boys.

The Pharaohs were but one of many families that took time to play Saturday on local and area sledding hills.

Noah Bolden, 11 and one-half months, was so bundled up in a snowsuit, warm scarf and mittens that if he fell from the sled, he would have rolled downhill.

The youngster was sharing his first sled ride with his aunt, Tara Collicott, of Janesville.

After about an hour of sledding, Kopen Luebke, 5, was ready to leave.

“He’s cold,” said his father, Randy Luebke, of Janesville.

The “in ride” this year appears to be the large plastic inflatable sleds.

“Parents love them, because they cushion the blow,” Randy said.

While many families were playing at the Ardon Park Hill, many others were doing the same thing at King Park Sledding Hill in Milton.

For friends, Brenda Hernandez, Tealya Furseth and Samantha Bier, an hour or so sledding was worth a few chills.

The Milton Middle School seventh graders also had an established technique they used for getting the best ride possible.

The key, they said, is to ride with a buddy.

It also doubles the fun.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the three girls rated the King hill as being a 9.

The snow is distributed unevenly, and one area is too deep to be able to glide through, otherwise it would deserve a 10, Brenda said.

Andy Haney, a 13-year-old Milton boy, and his friend, Alec Wright, 12, were watching a basketball game at Milton High School when they decided to go sledding.

King Hill is but a short distance from the high school. The problem was Andy was wearing tennis shoes, basketball shorts and forgot his coat.

He borrowed a sled from a classmate and took a couple of quick rides downhill.

Minutes later, Andy’s legs were bright red from the cold.

“I told Andy he was going to get frostbite,” Tealya said.

While Mitch Stalker, 8, and his 5-year-old brother, Cole, were sledding, their mother, Bobbie Jo, was capturing memories by taking photos of her sons gliding downhill.

“They were waiting all afternoon to go sledding,” Bobbie Jo said. “This is a nice hill for them.”

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