Is Beloit really more crime-ridden than Janesville?

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Beth Wheelock
Thursday, December 6, 2007
— Beloit has a reputation as the Rock County municipality with the most crime. Beloit Police Captain Bill Tyler says it's like comparing Madison and Milwaukee: both cities have their share of crime. Tyler says as a general rule, Beloit's neighborhoods and businesses are just like every other community and safe to be in.

Janesville Deputy Police Chief Dave Moore says his city has some gang activity, but it's not well organized and there isn't much gang-related violence in Janesville. He says very few violent crimes in Janesville are stranger-on-stranger crimes.

Here are the 2005 arrest statistics (the most recent available) from the State Office of Justice Assistance

Total Adult Arrests:

Beloit 5,108

Janesville 5,056

Selected index of arrests

Beloit 2

Janesville 0

Forcible rape:

Beloit 0

Janesville 7


Beloit 18

Janesville 26

Aggravated Assault:

Beloit 48

Janesville 41


Beloit 32

Janesville 35


Beloit 260

Janesville 357

Motor vehicle theft:

Beloit 23

Janesville 14

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