Staskal might have release revoked

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Mike DuPre'
Wednesday, December 5, 2007
— A hearing on whether to revoke Mark Staskal’s conditional release from a mental hospital is scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 19.

Staskal, 44, had been living in Mendota Mental Health Institute in Madison since he was found not guilt by reason of mental disease in the murder of his sister, Marcy, in 1984.

Staskal stabbed her to death.

On Nov. 5, Staskal moved to a group home in Eau Claire because of a conditional release ordered in January by Rock County Judge Michael Byron. Sixteen other group homes and facilities rejected the state’s attempts to place Staskal before he was accepted by The Bernice & Genevieve Foundation in Eau Claire.

But the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services moved Staskal back to Mendota on Nov. 15. The judge had directed the organization to develop a conditional release plan for Staskal and find him an appropriate place to live.

But in a terse statement, the department of health and family services requested that Byron revoke Staskal’s conditional release “following clinical concerns and to ensure the safety of Mr. Staskal and others.”

No one connected to the case has said what Staskal did or what happened in the Eau Claire group home to prompt Staskal’s return to Mendota and request that his conditional release be revoked.

Byron on Tuesday scheduled the revocation hearing for Dec. 19. The hearing appears that it will replay many of the arguments that were presented to Byron in January and led to his ordering Staskal released on conditions.

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