Clinton School Board to look at upgrade plan

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007
— The baton has been passed to the Clinton School Board in the long run to a referendum.

After a year of work, the facilities committee recommended Tuesday night an $8.3 million plan to expand the elementary school and make security and technology improvements throughout the district.

The school board will go over the plan carefully, President Ken Luety said. He thinks the board will trust that the committee did its work.

“We don’t want to reinvent the wheel,” Luety said. “We’re happy with what they did.”

If the board decides to move forward to a referendum, the district will form an education committee to detail the needs for new facilities and help educate the public, Business Manager Kathy Zwirgzdas said.

If the board moves forward, the referendum wouldn’t take place before fall 2008, Luety said.

The plan is slightly cheaper than the one presented in October, when Bray Architects first unveiled costs. And it could keep changing.

“There’s still a lot of fine tuning,” Zwirgzdas said.

The committee decided not to include a wing that would have jutted north from the school over property owned by the Pollard family.

“We really don’t need that space right now,” said facilities committee member Pat Mullooly. “For the cost of it, we don’t need it right now.”

The plan includes a new library and gym in the elementary school, as well as new classrooms.

New construction is about more than new space, said district Administrator Pam Kiefert.

“I think the committee is really trying to balance what are the needs for Clinton and what do our students need for 21st century skills,” Kiefert said. “Facility choice has a lot to do with that.”

The board Tuesday approved Zwirgzdas to go into negotiations to buy the Pollard property for future expansion.

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