Craig swimmers take second in Cougar Relays

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Gazette Staff
Saturday, December 1, 2007

Milwaukee Marquette took home the big prize, but Janesville Craig’s swimmers had the only record performance here Saturday in the Cougar Relays.

Marquette High won three events and scored 308 points to take the team title. Craig was second with 298, and Janesville Parker was fifth with 264 in the seven-team competition.

“We had a great meet,” Craig coach Jeremy Meserole said. “It was our first second-place finish in some time, and I’m happy with the way our boys swam.’’

Craig’s record came in the 200 freestyle. Matt Enloe, Nick Hazekamp, Scott Fry and Tyler Rockenfield had a 1:36.18 time to break the meet mark of 1:36.53.

Hazekamp, Josh Terry, Sean Davis and Rockenfield gave Craig a first-place finish with a 1:58.54 time in the 200 medley.

Parker also had two first-place finishes. Luke Witek, Marcus Genrick, Egemen Gozoglu and David Dvorak won the 500 crescendo in 4:39. Witek, Nick Olin, Dustin Munch and Dvorak took the 400 fresestyle in 3:39.5.

“We were almost a half-length behind when D.J. (Dvorak) hit the water in that 400,’’ Parker coach Eric Rhodes said of his anchor man. “I could tell he was going after that first-place guy, and he caught him, and that’s a quality of D.J. that has really come out.’’

Cougar Relays

At Janesville Craig


Milwaukee Marquette 308, Janesville Craig 298, Menomonee Falls 296, Elkhorn A 282, Janesville Parker 264, Janesville Craig B, Elkhorn B 114.


200 medley—1. Janesville Craig A (Nick Hazekamp, Josh Terry, Sean Davis, Tyler Rockenfield), 1:48.54; 2. Marquette, 1:50.55; 3. Elkhorn A, 1:53.35.

850 distance crescendo—1. Marquette (Chris Berger, Doug Miller, Seph Scheib, Andrew Pierson), 8:21.72; 2. Janesville Parker, 8:34.68.

400 individual medley—1. Menomonee Falls (Nick Bietz, Keji Halloway, Jake Tanel), 4:02.58; 2. Marquette, 4:35.71; 3. Janesville Parker, 4:36.77.

200 freestyle—1. Janesville Craig A (Matt Enloe, Nick Hazekamp, Scott Fry, Tyler Rockenfield), 1:38.18 (breaks meet record of 1:36.53, set in 1999); 2. Elkhorn A, 1:36.71 3. Menomonee Falls, 1:44.41.

400 medley—1. Menomonee Falls (Nick Bietz, Taylor Ladd, Keji Halloway, Jake Tanel), 3:50.94; 2. Elkhorn A, 4:08.06; 3. Marquette, 4:10.18.

200 freestyle class—1. Menomonee Falls (Ben Midlikowski, Nick Bietz, Billy Thanholt), 1:40.15; 2. Janesville Craig A, 1:412.76; 3. Janesville Parker, 1:43.05.

300 butterfly—1. Marquette (Seph Scheib, Andrew Pierson, Wes Borden), 2:48.79; 2. Menomonee Falls, 2:52.79; 3. Elkhorn A, 3:05.1.

500 crescendo—1. Janesville Parker (Luke Witek, Marcus Genrick, Egemen Gozoglu, David Dvorak), 4:39.6; 2. Menomonee Falls, 5:02.3; 3. Janesville Craig A, 5:05.38

300 backstroke—1. Marquette (Joseph Bastien, Seph Scheib, Josh Werner), 2:57.39; 2. Menomonee Falls, 2:57.86; 3. Janesville Craig, 3:09.54.

400 freestyle—1. Janesville Parker (Luke Witek, Nick Olin, Dustin Munch, David Dvorak), 3:39.5; 2. Marquette, 3:40.65; 3. Janesville Craig A, 3:43.38.

300 breaststroke—1. Menomonee Falls (Taylor Ladd, Taylor Hernikl, Keji Halloway), 3:23.87; 2. Marquette, 3:39.1; 3. Janesville Craig A, 3:40.22.

400 rocket—1. Elkhorn A (Josh Kudick, Mitch Maurna, Tre Boren, Chris Nehs), 3:19.54; 2. Janesville Craig A, 3:21.98; 3. Janesville Parker, 3:37.93.

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