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Salmon is my No. 1 favorite fish in the ocean, and I am not alone. The rich and sometimes slightly sweet flavor, the velvety texture, the appealing color, and the fact that it takes so well to all kinds of preparations and seasonings make it a go-to fish for many of us.

  • By Beth J. Harpaz AP Travel Editor
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Think of beer and you may think of Irish pubs or Germany’s Oktoberfest. But a National Geographic book called the “Atlas of Beer” surveys beer across six continents, from banana beer in Tanzania to beer aged in wine barrels in Argentina.

No matter how many dazzling things we have the good fortune to eat in our lives, we often remember the simplest meals with as much power and affection as the fanciest. A humble, pureed vegetable soup is among those particular pleasures. Also, Proustian prose aside, if you’re feeling lazy, yo…

  • By Jerry Amstutz First Baptist Church
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I don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner since we live nearby. You would think that in the four years because it was built, I would have walked over for a closer look. Yet you know how life is. Busy at work. Busy running errands. Busy mowing the yard. Busy. Too busy.

  • Alison Chouinard Rock County Public Health Department
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Fresh water is an increasingly precious resource around the world. In Wisconsin, about 66 percent of the population drinks water drawn from over 750,000 private wells, and 100 percent of the population in Rock County drinks water from over 15,000 wells.

  • By Carolyn Hax Washington Post

    By Carolyn Hax Washington Post

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Q: I have a friend who is not good at expressing vulnerability. We’ve been best friends for three years and only once has she opened up to me about traumatic life experiences—and only then because we forced ourselves to talk about emotions by playing “Feelings Roulette.” She never asks for e…

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Back-to-school time means it is also time to make sure your child is up to date on all of his or her immunizations. It is also a perfect time to make sure you have copies of all of your child’s immunization records stored safely—a step many parents forget.

  • By Mackenzie Woodward Rock County Public Health Department
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Breast milk is nature-made and provides a baby with everything he or she needs for his or her first year of life. Breast-feeding provides many health, nutritional, economic and emotional benefits to the mother and baby. There are also significant benefits to the community, workplace and the …

  • By Vineeta Deepak Associated Press
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JODHPUR, India—In the summer of 1944, hundreds of royals gathered for the opening of Umaid Bhawan Palace, a magnificent sandstone edifice that dominates the skyline in India’s northwestern city of Jodhpur. It was the last of its kind.

Q: I am a grandmother to a lovely 8-year-old boy whose parents are about to separate. I am supportive of both parents and want only the best for them and my little grandson. It seems very amicable, and I know they will co-parent with only the best interests of my grandson at heart.

Q: I was casually dating/hooking up with “Nick” at the end of the school year. He’s a year older, and graduated and moved back home. We didn’t want whatever was going on between us to end, so we decided we would be “together, exclusively,” albeit at a three-hour driving distance.

  • By Molly Sprayregen Associated Press
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Whether you’re writing an email or a novel, it’s vital these days to understand the craft of telling a story and telling it well. For kids, writing well helps not only at school but with many off-the-page skills, from confidence to creative problem solving.

Q: I grew up as the son of a single mom. She was a free spirit, so I had an unusual childhood. I don’t remember living anyplace longer than three years, and we lived everywhere from a house shared with three other single moms to a tent.

  • By Noelle Carter Los Angeles Times
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This is the season of outdoor parties and cookouts, as those of us self-professed grill masters and weekend warriors deftly show off our live-fire cooking skills in front of family and friends. That is, until the grill flares up and those beautiful steaks are reduced to charcoal and we’re pe…