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We generally work with funeral homes that send us obituaries after meeting with the family, but in the case where a family member or friend is sending in an obituary, we need to confirm the death with a funeral home or crematory service, or get a copy of the death certificate. This protects everyone. We charge for the obituaries; they start at $60.00, and the average obituary is around $160.00. This is for the first run; second runs are discounted. We take Visa or MasterCard, and we will need your name exactly as it appears on the credit card and the address that the credit card bills to (do not email credit card information). We will also need your phone number so we can contact you. You could email the obituary as text, and a photo in the JPEG format with a resolution of at least 300. If you send an email, call us to confirm we have received the email. You should always allow at least an hour for emails to reach us. If you are not able to email the obituary, you could fax it or bring it in. You cannot fax a photo; they will not be good enough quality. If you bring in a photo, they will be scanned and given back to you right away. You have the option of printing photos in color; the color photo is $27.00 (second run $16.20), and black and white is $12.00 (second run $7.20).


Our deadlines vary, depending on what day you wish to run the obituary.

Publication - Deadline

Monday - 10 a.m. Sunday (email only; there are no weekend customer service hours)

Tuesday - 3 p.m. Monday

Wednesday - 3 p.m. Tuesday

Thursday - 3 p.m. Wednesday

Friday - 3 p.m. Thursday

Saturday - 3 p.m. Friday

Sunday - 10 a.m. Saturday (email only; there are no weekend customer service hours)

You may email obituaries on the weekends and request a read receipt so you know we've received it. We will publish it as long as we have billing information and confirmation of death.

Fax: 608-754-8234


Address: 1 South Parker Drive, Janesville, WI

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