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What is Newspaper In Education (NIE)?
NIE is a cooperative effort between the Gazette, area schools, businesses and individuals to promote literacy and community involvement. At no cost to schools, the Gazette delivers papers to area classrooms on a daily basis. We also provide support materials to teachers who request information on how to use the newspaper in their class. Local businesses and individuals serve as Partners In Education, sponsoring classrooms helping young people gain a better understanding of the world and community they live in through the most current textbook available … The Gazette.

You have the power to enhance the education of our local students!

Benefits of Newspaper In Education:

  • Newspapers bring textbook lessons to life with fresh, timely, real-world information for students
  • Promotes literacy and community involvement
  • Helps young people gain a better understanding of the world they live in
  • Excellent educational resource that crosses all grade levels and subjects

Why donate to NIE?

  • NIE programs, designed as a supplement to classroom curriculum, are now more crucial than ever in light of the tremendous budget cutbacks the local school district is facing. The bottom line is these kids are our future.

Where is the NIE program available?

  • The Gazette's NIE program is available to all schools in the Janesville, Milton and surrounding school districts.

Learn more
Do you have questions about NIE? Want to sponsor a classroom? Need more information? Contact Sara Miller at 608-755-9430 or email NIE@gazetteextra.com.

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