Receding rain, rhubarb cake, and Beulah Bog's flowers

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Russ Helwig | June 18, 2014

Fourteen of us drove from our meeting place to the Nordic trailhead to hike a few miles of trail last week Tuesday. Afterwards Marv Herman treated us to his wonderful rhubarb cake to help celebrate his 76th birthday, which was a couple days later in the week. Thank you, Marvin!  It was delicious. This is the fourth year that Marv has done this during the week of his birthday.  We all appreciate his generosity and wish him well.

Marvin Herman writes:

On this rainy Wednesday last week with temperatures in around 60 degrees, nine long hikers, including Jake Gerlach, who found not one short hiker to lead, reassembled at Nordic Trails on County Highway H. With the rain subsiding and then stopping altogether, Norwin Watson led a hike commencing on the orange trail in reverse direction. Once the group reached the crossroads with the blue trail, we took the large blue loop, also in reverse direction. The total hike was about 4.6 miles. Orange lilies were seen at their usual spot on the trail and also a stand of yellow hawkweed. Most of the hikers then reassembled at LaGrange General Store for post-hike repast and conversation.

Ellen Davis has not been able to go on flower walks when she leads the short hikes. This Wednesday last week it was raining and the only other short distance hiker was Jake Gerlach who assists Ellen. He hiked with the long distance hikers while Ellen joined me and two others as we visited two of my favorite state natural areas.

Ellen had not been on the flower hike last week so our first stop was at the spot where we had seen many lady's slippers. We were not disappointed, but did find that all of the white ones were past bloom. On the other hand the yellow lady's slippers were still near peak bloom. The golden alexander were past their prime as were the wood betony and a few others, but some new ones were in bloom in this dynamic and beautiful wet prairie.

Then we went on to Beulah Bog for an entirely different wildflower experience. Here we found, among others, pitcher plants in peak bloom, sundew, cotton grass, poison sumac in bud stage, and many other bog plants.

The path just past the bridge was in disrepair and we had to be very careful not to step off the makeshift planks that supported us on the bog.

Afterwards Ellen left for home and the other three of us went to the Eagle Springs Pub for lunch.

Happy Trekking,


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