Web Views for Friday, May 30, 2014

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Friday, May 30, 2014


On fire station petition: Yes! This gives me more faith in everything to hear this! … There should also be a recall on the council members responsible for railroading our city on these issues.

-- Truthtelller

-- City council, you cannot push it down our throats anymore, we are fed up. Remodel the current station on Milton Avenue, fix our roads. If you can put the streets on a referendum, then you can put the fire station also. Too bad The Gazette doesn’t stand up for the citizens they are so worried about offending someone.

On Marshall Apartments deal: I get a loan, and I pay it back. Pretty simple. I don’t just say I am not paying it now. Get another partner then to help pay. I see why our city doesn’t have any money. What (fool) pays $150k for a home and sells it right away for $60k? In what world does this make any sense? If it is worth $70, then sell it for $70.

-- ms pacman

-- $75,000 would fill a few potholes.

-- wislady

-- The council has to get a grip on the fact that taxpayers only see the lines that compartmentalize their money as arbitrary, and without a sound basis. The council should formulate a public presentation on its thinking about such matters. Like when, in front of the council, the assessor explains how property assessments are determined.

-- NewerTestament

On Milton residents want another bypass exit: “Etched in stone.” “DOT ruled out additional exit years ago.” This is our government in action. What a load.

--Mike Green

-- The obvious first choice was an exit at Highway 59 that goes into Milton. The closest next exit can be no closer than 2 miles, which places it at Town Hall Road. If it is too much effort to get to the east side Milton businesses from the Highway 59 exit, maybe some work should be on the quality of the business district. Why should taxpayers pay millions for an exit when businesses won’t even paint and re-side their stores?

-- buyusa

On Pommer column on tolls: Maybe (Gov.) Walker chose to not use the money for roads. We have a state in disrepair with no money to pay to fix it. See if more of his fuzzy math can get him out of this mess.

-- buyusa

-- Or, Walker could be like certain previous governors and just blatantly spend road funds on other pork-barrel projects.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

On NEX Films expanding: This is good news and great not only for Milton but for the whole area. Growth is slowly coming back into our area.

-- hdonlybob

On Editor’s Views: Great to have some good news. Instead of calling bad events the “news,” they should instead be called the “unusual.” Millions of people are terrified with the belief that crime, including murders, is drastically increasing in this country. When in fact, crime, including murders, is steadily decreasing.

-- NewerTestament


To Steve Knox: Your informal poll probably would have found many more kids walking to school if you would have observed one of the middle schools or high schools. Elementary-age children are not as likely to walk to school (in my opinion). And those older kids (middle, high school) are the ones who are less likely to dress for the weather during cold days.

-- Tammy Brown

-- What is the big deal? Winter is not exactly new to us, and we have been dealing with it forever. I do feel bad that this affected Memorial Day weekend for these families, but that is the tradeoff that is made. If this is going to be such a big issue, then start the school year a week sooner. No brainer here.

-- hdonlybob

-- Janesville School District would probably love to start school a week sooner, but state law doesn’t allow school to start until Sept. 1.

-- jcbma

To Greg Peck: Maybe if The Gazette would print the schedule that is on the city website in regards to trash pickup, say the last week in December and June of the following year, more people wouldn’t be caught off guard.

-- RetArmy

--It would be really helpful (to give) a heads-up on things like this. It’s pretty easy to forget how the new system is supposed to work, and it would have taken no real effort to put a reminder on the top of your webpage Sunday or Monday. Things like holiday pickup, Christmas tree pickup, siren tests, etc., should always appear there a day or two in advance.

-- Northman

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