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Would you trust Google's driverless car?

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Greg Peck
May 29, 2014

I realize computers can do amazing things and control many or most functions in modern cars. However, I've been working with computers for all of my 35 years in the newspaper business. I've seen their many frustrations and failures.

So would you trust your health and safety to Google's self-driving car? I saw an ABC News report about this project. The online version of ABC's story includes a short video with people given chances to ride in the car calling it “cute” and “cool.” Today's Gazette has an Associated Press story providing more details about the car, shaped much like a Volkswagen Beetle.

Get this—these subcompact two-seat electric cars have no gas or brake pedals, nor even steering wheels.

Google hopes to have 100 of these cars cruising city streets by this time next year after extensive testing. Their top speed will be only 25 mph, but even then, I imagine I'd be putting my foot through the floor trying to stop such a vehicle at most any approaching obstacle.

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