Sound Off for Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On city projects: I’d like to invite all Janesville City Council members to drive over and look at that new bus station that got built and sit there and wonder what fool would vote to build something like that when I had to drive on the streets and take a chance of my axles breaking trying to get over there to look at it.

-- The Taj Garage, ice arena and proposed skate park are examples of spending that serves the small minority, though they are normally the most vocal and pay the least in taxes. On the other hand, spending on protection services like police, fire, 911 should for the most part go unchallenged. A timely response by that fire truck beats a bus I’ll never ride coming from an extravagant palace.

-- We are getting another convenience store (Page 3A, Wednesday) amongst all the new stores, the remodeling and fire station remodeling. I was wondering if anybody from the city planning or roads departments or anybody from the city has traveled these streets that need work in correcting potholes and dips and bumps. When are we going to get relief?

On PTA Reflections awards: Where was Superintendent Karen Schulte last week Tuesday night for the PTA Reflections ceremony honoring the high achievements these students earned? Perhaps it wasn’t Chinese related?

On drunken driving laws: Judge Thomas Eagon from Portage County sentenced a drunken driver going over 90 mph, killing two young women, to only seven years in prison. That is why Wisconsin has more drunken drivers than any other state and always will.

On Milwaukee Brewers: Look, up in the sky, what’s that falling? Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s just the Milwaukee Brewers coming back down to Earth.

On cutting trees: I’m calling in reference to Friday’s front page of trees being cut down near the post office to make more room for parking. Along with the electric company cutting trees for their wires, and trees that are diseased in general, by the time Janesville is done, we’re going to look like one giant GM parking lot. Being the City of Parks won’t work without trees.

On home sale: Page 10A Saturday makes me very upset. The city council was being asked to approve sale of a Jackson Street home for $59,900. It’s a house the city bought and restored for costs of $150,926 and which is appraised at $70,000. It is ridiculous, and somehow it’s being blamed on a federal requirement that contractors to be paid special wage rates.

On VA scandal: The problems at the Veterans Administration is a preview of what our health care will be like when the government takes over. Lord help us.

-- The cartoon in Saturday’s paper shows the real issue. The government is admitting they can’t even take care of vets, but yet they think they can take care of all our health care for all of us. That’s your future if Obamacare isn’t done away with.

On 15th Senate District race: What new ideas does Austin Scieszinski have? I’ve heard him speak many times, and he doesn’t have any new ideas, and he doesn’t have any experience. We need debates where our three 15th District candidates can speak for themselves.

-- Mike Sheridan wrote a letter to the editor concerning veterans. Some veterans know Sheridan can’t be trusted as a union president or as a politician. When you make a mistake, act like you make a mistake. You can’t say a mistake was made, but I don’t like how you reacted to the mistake and call yourself a leader. We don’t reward bad behavior.

On Mercy Health System: With reference to the ad on Page 10A Saturday, Mercy plans an across-the-board 7 percent price increase after doing the same 7 percent in 2013. Did all employees get a 7 percent pay increase each year? What percent of them haven’t been compensated?

On Ryan: Paul Ryan had a bright idea in the May 11 Messenger—let Janesville and Beloit take over the old GM plant in 2015. Are you kidding me? They’d spend thousands and thousands cleaning up the contaminated area. Why doesn’t Ryan pay for the cleanup out of his pocket? Leave my pockets alone. Actually, GM should clean up the mess; they made it.

-- Many Your Views in The Gazette have the Forever Republican Amnesia virus. To the writer who suggested Ryan’s way is the road to prosperity for poor, how is his voting against minimum wage helpful on a Rand Ryan Road? Ryan and his cronies’ road is a road to perdition. Advice: A person of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds to Ryan.

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