Your Views: Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity will help people flee ‘slums’

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

I completely agree with John Macek’s disgust with “slum-makers” (letter to the editor, May 17, 2014). In the past five years, poverty has increased dramatically. More people are dependent on the government for their existence than ever before. Only two-thirds of the population is working, and household incomes are lower than they were in 2007. We can attribute this atrocity to the biggest “slum-maker” of all—President Obama and his increased government programs, which promote dependency.

Congressman Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity addresses the issues of poverty in America. Ryan understands that most people are proud, hard-working, independent and want to provide for their families. He states, “The people deserve a government that works for them, not one that buries them in more debt.” He does not want anyone to be deprived nor isolated.

The Path to Prosperity balances the budget in 10 years and starts to pay down the debt. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it gets debt under control, creates jobs and grows the economy. The Path to Prosperity promotes programs to get people out of “slums” by increasing training programs so people can obtain the skills needed to secure jobs, lowering interest rates so businesses can grow and hire, introducing programs that encourage people to work, and reforming the tax code, which is unfair and gives special tax preferences.

Congressman Ryan believes in giving everyone the opportunity to be independent and self-sufficient. He supports programs that promote upward mobility, not dependence and isolation.



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