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Friday, May 23, 2014


On VetsRoll trip: I am proud of all of our veterans and their families. They deserve this amazing trip. Thank you, Finnegans, and all who made this wonderful dream come true. The support from the community is amazing. My dad passed away before you started this program. He would have loved to have gone on this journey. … Thank you for your service!

-- (Cindy) new user

-- The Finnegans couldn’t honor their late father’s legacy in a better way than VetsRoll! I had the honor of meeting and getting to know Mark Finnegan a couple of months ago and was blown away by his humility and learning of the time and effort he dedicates to this great cause. God bless the Finnegans and the many heroes they make this possible for.

-- Mr Glock 19 SK

On proposed referendum on roadwork: This is a perfect example why local elections should have a larger turnout than national elections. Road maintenance directly affects us every day. Officials we have elected have not kept on top of this important task. What kind of representation of your interests is budgeting to maintain only half of the required road miles?

-- Nick Danger

-- We need $6 million for roads? We’re spending $9 million for a fire station? How about better roads and a $3 million renovation to the firehouse?

-- Craig Walker

-- The city council has to get a grip on the fact that taxpayers only see the lines that compartmentalize their money as arbitrary, and without a sound basis. The council should formulate a public presentation on its thinking about such matters. Like when, in front of the council, the assessor explains how property assessments are determined.

-- NewerTestament

On business route in Milton: So the state would pay for the signs, the town would have to pay to maintain the road as a Class A with truck traffic, and all the city does is maintain the signs? If the city is to benefit from a business road to them, maybe they should be the ones to pay to tear up the old and pave the new. Does the city have the cash to do that?

-- buyusa

On Diamond Center to build store: Very cool-looking building!

-- new user

-- I agree, getting to the store without cutting through will be nice. I have been going since they opened.

-- ms pacman

-- I wonder if the Janesville Mall is headed the way of the Beloit Mall? I think I was in the Janesville Mall only once last year, and there were several vacancies then.

-- (Kevin Goebel) Tom McManus

-- For me, going to the mall means going to Kohl’s. Penneys was my favorite store for decades until the former CEO of Apple totally changed it, and not for the better. I prefer shopping at stores that have their individual entrances to the outside. The diamond store may get a new customer. I will at least check them out.

-- sleeponit

On Parkview’s Hero Bureau: See, we do have a lot of really great kids coming out of Parkview. We have a lot of really great teachers at our schools. We are doing a lot of great things at Parkview these days. Come check us out, it will be worth your time.

-- Terry Gerber

On Dick Polman column: Polman says Obama is going to do something about climate change. No he isn’t. His draconian actions will do nothing to alleviate climate change. If we stopped using all fossil fuels, it would amount to tenths of a degree difference in temperature. All he will do is cost the poor and middle class thousands of dollars in higher energy costs.

-- Proud Grandpa

-- This is the Democrats’ full-court press. Income equality must not be polling well.

-- Nick Danger


To Janice Peterson: Looking forward to the Jefferson Garden at Rotary Botanical Gardens this summer. This is going to be a very special display, thanks to Janice. She has done an outstanding job planning for this summer’s display.

--new user

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