Your Views: Why criticize Superintendent Schulte for her apology about gay marriage video?

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Friday, May 23, 2014

I’m troubled about some recent letters to the editor concerning our school superintendent, Karen Schulte, being rebuked for her apology concerning a showing of a controversial video to students.

She obviously found something in the video of concern, and she certainly has every right to her opinion. I’m tired of attempts to stifle freedom of speech just because it does not fit someone’s agenda. I’m also tired of people demonizing others or labeling them a racist or bigot for simply disagreeing. Most of the time, the labels don’t even fit the situation. They seem to redefine words to justify their attacks.

 I applaud our superintendent for risking not being politically correct and issuing an apology. I know several people who were offended by the video.

 I tell my teenage daughter not to be swayed by the shifting tides of public opinion and that the popular thing is usually the wrong thing. I tell her that if she thinks something offends God, then it should probably offend her, and don’t worry about what society says or thinks.

This world has too many indoctrinated minds and not enough godly wisdom or common sense.



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