Steve Knox: Snow day fans, now stuck indoors, face their reckoning

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Steve Knox
Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Do you remember the hundreds of home videos showing water crystallizing on one of the several days off due to chilly weather? Oh, I do. I also remember my son stating that he hoped school would be in session so one of the floating 'days off' would remain on the Friday before Memorial Day so he could enjoy a four day weekend with warm weather. Sorry buddy, no such luck.

Friday is a school day. Those who cheered when the calls came in from 743-5000 alerting students and parents that it was too cold for school are now grumbling a tad because they'll be 'stuck' inside this week when the temps hit 75 degrees. Granted, it was cold in January, yet what else could we do besides sit inside and wait out the cold snap. Again, my son wished he could have waited it out at school so he could enjoy this upcoming weather outside.

The district closed to minimize the exposure to students who walk to school. Fair enough. Based on my informal poll taken last week at an elementary school I visited, the number of kids actually walking to that school -- even in good weather -- were few and far between.

Did the district do the right thing? Safety and public relations were both satisfied. I saw some posts on the district social media page and certain parents were irate that school wasn't closed sooner. The ironic thing is the same people who were critical of the district for not pulling the trigger sooner on closing in January are some of the same folks upset that the year has been extended. You can't please everyone, can you JSD?

So teachers, open up the windows on Friday and try to keep things light. Oh, let me know who shows up for the last day of school as well. My guess is attendance will be lighter that day than if the district would have stayed open in January and allowed parents to use their judgement. That's just my guess.

Steve Knox was born and raised in Janesville before landing back in the city later in life. This Generation X guy writes on Janesville and beyond. Steve is a community blogger and is not a part of The Gazette staff. His opinion is not necessarily that of the The Gazette staff or management.

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