Sound Off for Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On public works: I see a street sweeper going past my house again, but there's potholes all over town. Let's get our priorities straight.

-- If cities need money for road repair, why don't they use all the drug money they pick up from the drug arrests?

-- Where can I get a refund for my wheel tax? I need the cash to get my car fixed from all the potholes in town.

On Barbara Walters: Kudos to Kevin McDonough for his article on Barbara Walters (Page 8A, Friday). What a shame that so-called journalists today have been led down this path.

On district apology: If several board members expected Superintendent Karen Schulte to apologize, the apology should have been for not providing more information on the complex issue of marriage. To sensor a “controversial topic” based on two board members is frightening.

On campaign money: Enough is enough. It's time to stop voting in a politician just because that person has the most money. Let's vote for people who can work for all of us and not special-interest groups. Wisconsin needs real leadership, not a lopsided “their way or no way.”

On president: It's good to hear that President Obama is getting to the bottom of the Veterans Administration scandal, just like he did with the IRS, NSA, Fast & Furious and Benghazi. I sure can understand why other countries see us as a joke.

-- All the people who voted for Obama ought to apologize to your kids and your grandkids because they are the ones who are going to have to pay for the mess he's put us in. He has put us deeper in debt than all the other presidents combined. That's his legacy, and it will be passed on to your children and grandchildren.

On pensions: We all had choices. If Sunday's Sound Off caller who is on a GM pension wanted to go and work for the government, that person had the option, too. I do not have a pension from the government or GM, but that's the choice I made. I am not crying.

On coupons: I'd like to thank you for the entertainment Source booklet in the Sunday, May 18, Gazette. It says $619 worth of coupons. Greatly appreciated. Thank you.

On city water: I agree with Sunday's Sound Off regarding Janesville's odoriferous water. We moved back to Janesville this last summer after having lived in the country and having well water. When we moved into our newly built home, the water indeed smells nasty coming out of the tap. Makes you wonder how safe it is with all the chemicals added.

On Boko Haram: The president of France said the Boko Haram terrorists are highly advanced and have been for several years. This is the same assassinating group that Hillary Clinton refused to put on the watch list.

On drug trade: I was wondering when the county was going to do something about all the illegal drug use in the Clinton area. It's high time they start busting these punks.

On bus garage: To readers who don't like the new bus barn, I suggest walking through the one the city has now. Janesville has grown in the last 10 years. There are more riders every day. It's one of the best bus systems I've ever seen, but they will have to expand, and the bus barn is essential if they are to do that.

On cemetery flowers: Mother's Day was also the anniversary of my mother's death. I went to Mount Olivet Cemetery and placed flowers on my mom's grave. When I later visited the cemetery, they were gone. Who could be so cruel?

On Gazette deliveries: For one week straight, my paper has gotten here before I awakened. Congratulations, Gazette, you're doing a good job.

On Sheridan: That is absolutely ludicrous that someone would suggest that Mike Sheridan ran from helping General Motors (Sound Off, Sunday). He has tirelessly put in years working at General Motors. People who know him know he fights for all people who are struggling with their jobs. Give the man a break.

On state pension system: Instead of raising the gas tax, I suggest the state get the needed money from the Wisconsin Investment System. Chief investment officer David Villa makes $834,000. How many people make that in a lifetime?

On wrong phone number: Friday's Your Views column contained a letter on the senior citizen center that had the phone number incorrect. You might want to consider printing a correction.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This caller is correct. The phone number for the Janesville Senior Center is 608-755-3040.

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