Your Views: Videos promoting acceptance should be welcomed in Janesville schools

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

“To serve our community by educating every child” is the mission declared by the Janesville School Board. A noble one at that, and as an alumna of Craig High School, I can attest that the education I received throughout my 12 years in Janesville public schools was a quality education.

As it happens in life, however, the most valuable lessons I learned were taught outside of the classroom. Most relevant of these lessons is the acceptance I learned during my time at Craig. Thus, the most recent news article about apologies being made for showing a “pro-gay video” during school hours confused me, as it didn't seem like the open-minded high school I had attended only a year ago.

The video in question has been labeled as propaganda, presumably for a “gay lifestyle.” The video is propaganda only for acceptance. If the video were of an interracial couple proposing, it would be perceived as neither black nor Hispanic propaganda but simply a video illustrating tolerance.

I cannot change my sexuality any more than I can change the color of my skin. Videos promoting acceptance of any kind should be welcomed in our schools, especially since Janesville is not well known for its diversity. I urge you to consider the implications of censoring a club devoted to promoting peace and decreasing bullying of LGBTQ students enrolled in Janesville schools.

Educating every child to be accepting of others is the best way to serve our community.



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