Your Views: Janesville School District shouldn’t have apologized for video

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Monday, May 19, 2014

As a graduating senior of Craig High School this year, I cannot let the apology by Karen Schulte be put to rest. An apology from the school district made more people upset then it did happy.

The video shown April 11 was to target ending discrimination and bullying against the LBGT community, which it did. The video showed one little boy’s opinion as the marriages being “gross,” while the rest of the kids responded asking questions such as “why are we discriminating people from marrying who they love?”

Although this video has been viewed as violating policy, it did not call for an apology from the district on everybody’s behalf. My AP Biology class teaches evolution. My AP government class from last year taught controversial issues within our political spectrum, and an author that the district had provided funds for came for a speech today about his controversial books. The author brought awareness to the issues of sexism, racism and rape.

 All which are considered controversial, however, it was bought up anyway. That’s not something you would apologize for, so I don’t see why the district needs to apologize for this. Showing and educating people on hot-button issues will upset a few, but it still needs to be presented to us like issues are in other classes. If the district was to try and show the opposing viewpoint of gay marriage, it would almost have had to include opinions on the basis of change, hate and religion.




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