Sound Off for Sunday, May 18, 2014

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

On water: I was in Janesville for the first time in five years for Mother's Day, and I was excited to get a great tasting glass of tap water, which ended up not being very good at all. It was like drinking pool water. Have there been changes made in the city water department in the past several years?

On pensions: As a GM pension recipient, we received zero increases. Yup! Nothing!  Never have and probably never will. I think we would pay someone dearly for any kind of increase, and I don't think most people realize how good government pensions are.

On roundabouts: When I pull up to the roundabout from County M to Highway 59 going toward Milton, I'm not sure where I see a big difference if there would be a stop sign. You have to wait either way for anyone to come from your left and then for people flying in on the other route.

On weather: Boy, am I a fool. I complained to the Almighty yesterday about the rainstorm and the hail, and here he was destroying all those dandelions. I complained, and he stopped. I should have let him go right on with the hailstones, and there wouldn't have been any dandelions left.  It's a lesson you people can learn from me.

On voter ID: The story says that Judge Lynn Adelman, who struck down the voter ID law, expressed skepticism that any voter ID law could pass court muster. That's funny since the United State Supreme Court has already upheld a bunch of them for a bunch of states. This is not about stopping voter ID. This is about delaying voter ID as long as possible so Democrats can continue to cheat.

On asparagus incident: A woman doing what she was perfectly legal to do gets arrested for disorderly conduct for speaking her mind … free speech. Sounds like Rock County has a Barney Fife thing going on.

On Benghazi: Apparently, Nancy Pelosi says Democrats are not going to participate in the select committee investigating Benghazi. I guess if you can't stonewall, block witnesses, create a circus environment and basically prevent the truth from being uncovered, then what's the point if you're a Democrat?

 On global warming. The global warming propaganda is back in the news not just to change the subject from the administration's obvious problem, but millionaire donor Tom Steyer has offered the Democratic party $100 million if they focus on environmental issues. Steyer is a huge hypocrite. He flies around on a private jet spewing carbon at a rate that makes the rest of our carbon footprint seem unimaginable.

On Bird City: Congratulations to Bird City Janesville for a very successful celebration May 10. Thanks to the many volunteers, sponsors and the Friends of Riverside Park and the orioles singing in the trees.  I hope that the celebration of birds will become an annual event.

On same-sex marriage video: How dare Dr. Schulte say most parents were okay with the video that was shown to kids during advisory periods. Most parents were not even aware of it.

--How much more of Dr. Schulte can the district take? Poor employee morale, constant secrecy in the schools and the district, controversial videos being shown to kids without parental permission, questionable scoring on standardized testing several years in a row, constantly going over to China when we have serious problems in the district.

--How do you balance a video about gay marriage, Dr. Schulte? A sermon from the West Borough Baptist Church or perhaps a second invitation to Congressman Ryan to speak at Craig High School with the band and cheerleaders performing in the background? Does the district realize it is asking gay students and gay staff to see the issue of marriage equality as controversial? How insulting.

On candidates: As a union sister, I am appalled that AFSCME would back Janis Ringhand. Mike Sheridan is all for unions, and he has all the experience. We need Mike Sheridan in Madison.

--What did Mike Sheridan do when things started to rumble at GM? He just picked up and ran for the tall grass. Put him in Madison, and he'll be the first liberal to run to Illinois. We really don't need him there, do we?

On city priorities: In the headlines May 14, it talks about the need for extra funding for roads. Help me understand how we funded this Taj Mahal of a bus barn on the corner of North Parker and Black Bridge.

--A story May 14 says we need to raise taxes for streets, and in the next column over is “Janesville eyes building downtown.”  That figures out to $400,000 for 45 parking spaces.  I think we need to get our priorities straight.

On crossing guard: Where was the crossing guard on Racine Street on May 8? Our grandchildren 6 and 8 walked home for the first time. My understanding is the police department is responsible for having a crossing guard on duty. Speaking with others, this is not the first time there wasn't a crossing guard there. Please keep our children safe.

On Bill Watson: I don't know why the Gazette is hammering on Watson. I don't know him, but if he's got any money or any backing behind him to build something to bring GM hopefully or any other car builders, for God's sake, back him. We need help here with our taxes. I can't handle any more.

On dogs in park: A Sound Off caller said there is no enforcement of the law or signage. I wanted to let that individual know that dogs are allowed in the park but not from May 15 to Sept. 15. I'm sure law enforcement will make sure that no animals are in the park at that time. I also wanted to remind all dog owners to bring bags and pick up after your dog.

On Fox News: Liberal journalist Joe Klein recently told a roomful of his peers the only place in America you can get a genuine hard news program is “Special Report” with Bret Baier on Fox News. He then told them not to sneer or snicker because they know it's the truth. That's why Fox News is number one.

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