Your views: President has no backbone, respect for those who serve

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Friday, May 16, 2014

I’m fed up with our government that has no backbone. My wife and I are Vietnam veterans that spent six years apiece on duty, she in the Army and I in the Air Force. I still have great respect for our military and will defend them from the bottom rung and up to the commander in chief (CIC). In my opinion, the CIC has no backbone and has no apparent respect for the minions that serve under him.
This Nigerian situation is out of control. When a bunch of terrorist Muslims can get away with killing innocent people, it is time to act and react.
The silence coming from the Muslim clergy is deafening and shameful. Their lack of condemnation is, by its exception, acceptance and support. Any female that cares about women’s rights should despise and condemn the ruthless treatment of their gender.
If our country again were led by “might and right,” we would have drones in Nigeria, and we would have been supporting the Syrian rebels and helping democratic countries that Putin has designs on. Furthermore, only a weak CIC would have taken our missile defense system out of Europe.
I pray for our military and country. I also pray that the midterm election will change the Senate majority and keep the House as is. This change in the power of Congress would perhaps cause the CIC to recognize we are a democracy, not a monarchy, with the king’s scepter being a pen.


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