Your views: Paul Ryan shows he can't be trusted

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Friday, May 16, 2014

I am disgusted, but not surprised by Rep. Paul Ryan's budget. Growing up in privilege, Ryan is totally disconnected with the plight of the poor.
Most poor work very hard. Many are ruthlessly exploited by the moneyed elite.  
I spent the summer of 1963 volunteering in Chicago's Woodlawn area and saw the game first-hand. Slum-makers formed corporations to buy single-family flats on the cheap, taking advantage of racial fears. I saw single-family units broken into as many as seven units, all sharing the original bathroom and kitchen.
When tenants complained about bad plumbing and code violations, bribed code enforcement personnel could not get around to reviewing the complaint. I remember a room rental with a single window and one light bulb dangling from the ceiling at the end of an extension cord. The renters paid $70 a month.
Slum-makers formed corporations to own the rentals. They didn't pay taxes. After six years, the city took over and condemned the buildings and paid for demolition costs. The renters took the blame. The slum-makers bought expensive yachts moored at Navy Pier. Ryan's budget gives them a tax break.
Ryan continues to pursue his Tea Party ideology over our interests. He thinks he “knows” the ghetto and “knows” our needs. I did not hire him to skip the inauguration to plan Obama's overthrow.  I, like many others, ask only for a functional government.
In November, hire someone who represents our interests. We want jobs and opportunity.

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