What a difference a week makes in temps, fishing

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Dave Duwe | May 14, 2014

Delavan Lake Fishing Report 5/11 through 5/18

Delavan Lake is warming nicely and the fishing is improving. What a difference a week makes.  Largemouth bass fishing is on fire. And other species are turning on as well.

Largemouth bass are in pre-spawn mode and are aggressively hitting chrome/blue and chrome/black rattle traps. Look for the fish by the Lake Lawn Golf Course or Viewcrest Bay. The water temperature is absolutely perfect at 52 degrees for the rattle trap bite. As the water warms, All Terrain Stiks in green pumpkin or root beer red flake will start to turn on. 

Northern pike action has been very good if you can find the weeds.  Most of the weeds are in Viewcrest or Highlands Bay. You want to slip bobber large golden shiners or small suckers beneath a Thill slip bobber with a 1/0 hook. Once you find the weeds you will find the fish. In years past, Browns Channel was the best, but it is lacking weeds right now.

Walleye fishing has been relatively slow. Most of the action is in 8-10 ft of water. You want to troll crankbaits during first light or at dusk. Husky Jerks or Shallow diving crankbaits are both working OK.

Crappie fishing has not picked up yet. Most of the action has been at Lake Lawn Resort Marina. The only issue is that you will be there with 100 other fishermen. Most of the fish are coming on slip bobber rigged minnows in about three feet of water. I spent a lot of time searching for the pre-spawn crappies last week and couldn't find them outside of Lake Lawn.

Bluegill fishing has been slow for me. The only good action I had was also in Lake Lawn's harbor. I checked multiple spots last week and couldn't get a good consistent bite. I expect bluegill fishing to pick up within the next few days. They will still be in the shallows but will be in more locations. When you find them, use leaf worms or wax worms for the most action.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, call Dave Duwe at (608) 883-2050.

Lake Geneva Fishing Report 5/11 through 5/18

With the warmer weather making an appearance this week, the fishing has improved immensely. There are catches of 15-30 smallmouth bass in a five-hour trip available.

The water is warming and the fish are becoming much more active.
Smallmouth bass can be caught on either a small pink headed hair jig or a football head jig with a root beer colored trailer. Look for the fish by Bigfoot Beach or just east of Trinke's. The fish are in 12-15 feet of water. The fish are pretty active so if you aren't getting a bite, move around. The spawning is probably two to three weeks away. Once the spawn starts, they will be by Elgin Club, Belvidere Park and the former military academy.

The pan fish are still very slow. The best bite remains in the marinas, Abbey Harbor and in Trinke's.  You want to use bobbers with leaf worms and wax worms. The perch do remain active by Knollwood and Belvidere Park and are in 8-12 feet of water. 

Northern pike remain in the shallows. They can be caught on slip bobbers with large golden shiners or medium suckers. You want to position the bait one foot above the weeds. The best locations are by Fontana Beach or Williams Bay.

Largemouth bass are still a bit difficult with the water temperature where it is. The only success is coming off of slow moving crankbaits or Husky jerks. Look for them in six to eight feet of water. The best locations are in Geneva Bay by the Riviera Docks or Trinke's.

Lake trout have slowed quite a bit with the warming waters. They are starting to move into their summer haunts. I've stopped fishing for them and will look for a bit again in a couple of weeks when they should deep in the main lake basin.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the water.  For guide parties, call Dave Duwe at (608) 883-2050.

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