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Ian Gronau | May 13, 2014

BELOIT -- Beloit is known for many things. For instance, you can say some of our claims to fame include the Beloit International Film Festival, Beloit College and our growing farmers market; you even can credit us for inventing the precursor to the modern day Cheeto.

Comedy, however, isn't very high on that list -- yet. BCity BFunny, a small, but blossoming, group of local comedians hope to change that.

Rock County's fledgling comedy scene includes Friday Night Comedy at The Armory in Janesville and the open mic Wednesdays at Rooney's in Beloit.

However, much of the talent that's showcased locally aren't local themselves, they are imports from cities with larger self-contained comedy scenes like Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee. Not only that, but in order to consistently see comedy shows, fans are sometimes forced to travel to those existing scenes.

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Enter local comics Vickie Lynn, Dez Uncensored, Emmett "Craz-E" Cannon and Dadred McKnight. These comedians have been working locally and touring on their own for several years trying to develop their careers, but recently, they hit upon the idea of working together and combining forces to help give the existing comedy scene in Beloit a boost. About two months ago, in their local haunt, Salvador's on Bayliss Avenue in Beloit, the comics got together and hatched BCity BFunny, which stands for Beloit City Beloit Funny.

"We're sort of like trendsetters, we're breaking the ground here," Cannon said. "We're all from around here originally so that's part of it. But a lot of the people from around here that do comedy say to themselves, 'Oh if I want to do this, I have to go to Madison or Chicago.'"

Cannon started his career in the area at the age of 16, when he won a high school talent show in Beloit Memorial Auditorium, an experience from which he's never looked back.

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