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Friday, May 9, 2014


On Watson hopes to lure GM: What would the logistics of the building layout be? There are investors that would build an auto manufacturing facility with no planned tenant? While they are at it, I think it would be a fantastic idea to build a Martian landing pad. The little green fellows might want to patronize Rock County tourism by visiting Rotary Gardens.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

-- Watson is beginning to sound like a politician by promising the moon on a silver platter. We don’t need false promises.

-- RetArmy

-- Maybe the little green men would want to buy gravel? But, remember, Watson said people can get that free on the other side of Milton at the “other” gravel pit.

-- buyusa

On son’s heroin death: Prayers to you, Ms. VanGalder. I can’t even imagine your pain. Thanks for your courage to speak out.

-- Mr Glock 19 SK

On death of Britney Cross: Condolences to Britney’s family and friends. Sounds like she will be missed. Nice job on the story, Neil.

-- areuter

-- Britney’s passing breaks my heart. Rest in peace, young lady.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

On Charles Krauthammer column: While the R’s would have us fighting several wars by now, we are still trying to get out of the last ones and will still be paying for them for years.

-- buyusa

-- Buyusa, who are the Republicans you say are calling for another war? Not one. Supplying Ukrainians last month with weapons to defend themselves would not have put us in another war. Obama turned them down. Obama even denied Ukraine such defensive gear as night-vision goggles and body armor.

-- Proud Grandpa

-- Buyusa, are you really happy with Obama’s na´ve, feckless, toothless, incoherent foreign policy? Our allies don’t trust or respect us, and our enemies don’t fear us, they are laughing at us. Thanks to Obama, Hillary and John Kerry, the world is now much more dangerous.

-- rolo

-- I agree with rolo and Proud Grandpa. A true grasp of the real world does not permit this country to show weakness when malignant powers are on the move.

-- NewerTestament


To Greg Peck: I don’t know that I would have left a tip. If the chef was at fault, your waitress should have stopped by a couple times to let you know the kitchen was swamped. … Since she didn’t, she obviously forgot about you, and the kitchen staff dropped the ball. … This is a “vote with your feet” experience, i.e., just don’t return.

-- Northman

-- When, the food is cooked wrong, you could have asked for it to be replaced and cooked correctly (which would have added more time). Not trying to justify the service given because it wasn’t up to standards, but you should have said something earlier.

-- RetArmy

-- RetArmy, people don’t go to restaurants to participate in the service or take over the management. The customer is always right.

-- NewerTestament

-- We gave Speakeasy many tries when they went downhill. We quit trying. Now Aglio will be in that building. Very exciting. Good food and good service.

-- ms pacman

To Dale Wheelock: My son has been begging us to let him raise ducks and chickens (we have no experience with raising livestock). I guarantee he’ll be reading your blog on a regular basis in order to build his case. Thanks for writing a blog that is educational and fun to read.

-- Laura Feit

-- Another question to ask about chickens: Do you want green plants? Chickens will destroy them.

-- Thomas Murn

-- Laura Feit: Ducks and chickens don’t always go together well. Ducks like to make everything wet by playing in their water. Chickens like it dry, and being wet can make them sick.

-- Dale (Turkeyman)

-- Dale: Great column. I think you’re right. People like me get excited about raising chickens for eggs but then run out of interest.

-- Cidzerda

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