Britney Cross homicide investigation continues

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Frank Schultz
Wednesday, May 7, 2014

JANESVILLE—No new bodies or suspicious circumstances have turned up in the investigation of the death of 21-year-old Britney N. Cross, police said Wednesday.

The Indianford woman's body was found behind a vacant building on North Main Street in Janesville on Monday morning.

On Tuesday, Janesville Police Chief Dave Moore announced that the only suspect in the case is Clayton J. Courtney, 28.

Courtney already is charged in a stabbing that occurred Sunday night at his home, 1602 N. Pontiac Drive, Janesville.

During the fight and stabbing of Courtney's roommate, Courtney is alleged to have said that he had already killed three people that night.

Ever since, police have been on the lookout for missing persons or other circumstances that might lead them to more bodies, and they have appealed to the public for help in tracking the movements of Courtney and Cross since last Thursday.

Despite the statement that other killings took place Sunday, Moore said it is prudent to investigate days preceding the stabbing, as well.

Courtney has not been charged in Cross' death, but police are saying they suspect he did it.

“The investigation is moving along well, so I would think in next number of days we would see an arrest,” Moore said.

Courtney remains locked in the Rock County Jail on the stabbing charge.

The law requires Courtney appear in court within 48 hours of the new arrest, Moore said.

What the precise charge will be is up to District Attorney David O'Leary, but police are obviously pushing this as a homicide case.

Police have been keeping O'Leary informed of the investigation's progress and would follow up on any questions O'Leary might raise, Moore said.

The autopsy concluded that Cross died of a blow to the head with a blunt object. Police have not discussed what circumstances might have led up to that event.

Investigators don't know of anyone else being at the scene of the homicide besides the suspect and Cross, Moore said.

Courtney apparently has not talked about what happened. Moore said Courtney asked for an attorney right away and refused to talk to investigators.

Investigators are waiting for DNA and other forensics tests on a number of objects, Moore said.

Moore said earlier that a number of objects collected where Cross' body was found might be the weapon.

Police likely will not wait for test results before turning their case over to the district attorney for charging, however, Moore said.

“Those would play an important role in a conviction, I'm sure,” Moore said.

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