Your Views: Janesville councilmen’s complaints sound like sour grapes

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Monday, May 5, 2014

As with any secret ballot, DuWayne Severson should not have known who voted for him, or against him, as Janesville City Council president. When a council member makes the choice to throw another council member under the bus because they do not like the assignment they were given, it sounds a lot like sour grapes.

Severson, as new council president, placed the people he wanted into various committees. Some of the council members do not like the assignments they were given and are publicly complaining about them. I don’t recall past members ever complaining, and I was under the assumption that the goal of the council was to work together. As with anything in life, if you don’t like it, rather than complaining, do something about it. Run for president next time.

Everyone knows that city committee positions are always temporary, not permanent positions. This applies to council members, as well. These two complaining members need to “man up” and do what they were elected to do.



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