Farm established about same time as the state

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Ginny Hall | May 2, 2014

You can see the Yuppie Hill Poultry Farm at W1384 Potter Road, close to the county line with Racine County. It's  in Section 16 in the town of Spring Prairie. Their barn features an appropriate barn quilt, “Hen and Chicks.” 

Lynn Lien left her job in health care service in 1999 to farm with her father. In 2004 she came to this seven-acre location. Her venture with poultry began when her children came home from school with two hens. The family built and furnished a house for the chickens, complete with curtains. Apparently the neighbors would drive by and say, “Look at those yuppies on the hill!”  The name stuck.

The two-hen operation soon included a dozen hens, then grew to 2,500, the number that could be housed in the original barn. A new state-of-the-art barn was built in 2008.

The land on which this farm is located originally was owned by Charles Martin, according to the 1857 plat map. Martin came from New York to this area in 1844. In 1846 he married his cousin, Elizabeth Cornell, though she died just a few years later in 1850. He then married Caroline Fowle in 1853. They had a long life together — she died in 1892 and he died in 1906.

Martin served as town treasurer in 1847, 1856 and 1861, was secretary of the Walworth County Agricultural Society in 1860 and superintendent of the Baptist School in Spring Prairie. After he stopped farming he moved to Elkhorn.

The 1891 plat books show the owner of this farm as William Cado. Then in 1907 the owner is listed as William Kadow. This name continues through the 1930 plat book when it is shown as William Kadow Est. Could the two names belong to the same person?

In the late 1930s the farm was owned by John Oster. His ownership continues until the 1970 book, which shows John and Robert Oster. The dual ownership continues through the 1975 book.

The 1977 and 2002 plat books indicate that the land was owned by the Junior South Corp. The 1990 book gives a clue, listing the owner as Junior South Corp., c/o Robert Oster. In 2004 and 2008, the owner is W. & W. Ventures L.L.C.
Ginny Hall, a historian from Delavan, is author of the “Walking around ...” and “Meandering ... ” books, which highlight the history of Walworth County communities.

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