Your Views: Changes in laws, traditions leave dysfunctional families

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Monday, April 28, 2014

The last 40 years have witnessed an explosion of changes and choices in the way we manage our family lives.

Men are no longer persuaded by law and tradition to be responsible to women and to accept fatherhood. Updated divorce and paternity laws fail to provide children with enough support and also fail to ensure that fathers can have satisfactory relationships with their children.

Women are increasingly persuaded by law and tradition to eliminate fathers and avoid formal marriage in raising and socializing their children. Mothers don’t have to identify the fathers of their children. This, despite the fact that more than 10 percent of children grow up not knowing their biological fathers’ histories of defects and diseases.

By chance or by choice, mothers don’t even have to raise their children. Instead, they have grandparents, day care centers and public/private schools to do most of that work. Mothers don’t have to pay costs of raising their children. That’s covered with an endless list of welfare programs that are directed largely to single mothers.

The result of all this change is a national epidemic of dysfunctional families that fail children in every way. Decades of social science research have proven this point beyond any dispute. It’s time for citizens to decide whether they’re willing to continue paying taxes for these new family lifestyles. Government welfare taxes might be better applied to educating young people about responsible parenthood before they become fathers and mothers.



Vice president, Dads of Wisconsin

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