Sound Off for Sunday, April 27, 2014

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

On motorcyclists: They need to be aware that this town is full of idiots who think talking on the cellphone and texting while they're driving is really a cool thing to do. It's a very deadly thing to do, and a motorcyclist doesn't have much protection. We're starting to see more of that, so please be aware.

-- In regards to Wednesday's Sound Off on loud motorcycles, someone said maybe motorcycles should be outlawed on the road if they're so unsafe. The ones who don't watch for motorcycles should be outlawed. That would make everybody safe.

On bar fight: An article Friday, April 18, said an escapee with a electronic monitoring bracelet was in a bar fight. How could he be missing four days with a GPS bracelet on? I think someone has questions to answer.

On good Samaritans: I would like to thank the people who came to my assistance Monday. I was a victim of a hit-and-run at Randall and Tyler at 3:30 p.m. when a red car slammed into my vehicle. My car has extensive damage, and I assume the other vehicle does also. Anyone having information, please contact the Janesville Police Department.

On editorial: Regarding Tuesday's Our Views, I'll make a deal with you. Find some global warming, and then we'll work on ways to ease it. Maybe next week in Our Views we can have an editorial that says find ways to ease Big Foot.

On columnist: Leonard Pitts does a disservice to those who really want to stamp out racism. It does exist, including among blacks, but when he cries racism every time someone disagrees with Holder or Obama, he hurts the cause. Cartoons were just as disgusting about Bush. Obama was called a liar because he was lying, not because he was black.

On Affirmative Action: The Supreme Court ruled Michigan was within its rights when it excluded race as a determining factor in admissions to universities. The real shocker was that the vote was 6-2, so apparently at least one liberal on the court admitted discrimination is wrong even when it's aimed at white people. Apparently we're making progress.

-- The dissenting opinion from Justice Sonia Sotomayor illustrates why she has no business on the court. She either doesn't understand her role or doesn't care what it is. It is not up to her to determine what she thinks is fair or right or just; she's supposed to read the Constitution and apply it.

On doctor: What a travesty of justice. A prominent doctor, Richard Barney, got the proverbial slap on the wrist (Page 1A, April 16) for felony prescription theft along with a measly $3,000 fine. The average citizen would be facing prison and a much heavier fine, but, no, he saved many lives. Well, that was his job. Sounds like a double standard to me.

On new banks: Two new banks are going to open in Janesville this year (Page 3A, Tuesday). There's a lot of unemployment in Janesville, but if jobs ever pick up, we'll have plenty of banks to put our money in.

On superintendent: Janesville School Board members, you were elected to watch out for the interest of students in our community. You hired a superintendent who puts them on the back burner while traveling the world searching out rich kids to use our education so they can broaden their American experience. Wake up.

-- Why don't we consider helping children who need help doing English and math instead of bringing the Chinese to the United States? What in the world can we do to get Karen Schulte out?

On sports story: I'd like to know what happened to the rest of the article on Page 4B Wednesday regarding the Gomez suspension appeal? You left us in the middle of a sentence with no continuation, and you try to ask us to pay more for the paper like this?

-- The proofreaders dropped the ball again. I don't know when it's going to get any better.

On Republicans: They tout smaller government and letting folks do as they like. The majority of their legislation suggests less people power and more government control of your lives, especially if you’re a woman. Explain.

On land dispute: Regarding the Sound Off on Page 6A Wednesday, why would the person want The Gazette to cover a thief that cost taxpayers money? The rancher’s no hero. It must hurt to have such an unreliable news source.

On marijuana: I’m for legalizing it. I’m a 62-year-old man. Just think—legalize it and you would be getting federal and state taxes and be putting the street people out of business.

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