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Friday, April 25, 2014



On global warming/Earth Day editorial: This whole situation is stupid. We have adapted for centuries to our climate.

-- hdonlybob

-- There may really be such a thing as global warming, but then again, maybe not. The people who push the agenda do so by repressing any evidence that conflicts with their belief, intimidating anyone who dares to express doubt, and demanding that global warming be accepted as fact with no further research.

-- Northman

-- There haven't been the emissions from factories and engine exhaust for centuries that we have now in great abundance. Combine that with deforestation, and the math speaks for itself. … To deny that humans are having an effect on the Earth is sticking your head in the sand.

-- Solo_Voce

-- “We have adapted for centuries to our climate.” True...until we go extinct, like other animals have.

-- buyusa

On builders group eyes courthouse park project: A nice addition to the Courthouse Park and downtown area.

-- RetArmy

-- It would be nice if something could be done about loud vehicles during performances, but short of shutting down Court and Main streets, I'm not sure it could be done.

-- Frank J. Schultz

On Janesville appears ready to embrace river: Long overdue. Beautifying and creating recreational use for the riverfront downtown would do wonders for Janesville.

-- NewerTestament

-- Additionally, close off Main Street between Court and Milwaukee and Milwaukee and Wall Street. Turn it into an open-space plaza. Turn Milwaukee Street into a two-way street again. This allows traffic entering the city from either end to pass through the downtown area instead being detoured around it.

-- RetArmy

On Walker says new revenue needed for I-90/39: I hate to state the obvious, but when I look around the state I see a bunch of lower-priority projects which have been completed. Perhaps we'd have the money if some weren't so eager to blow it.

-- beamer

-- I'm so glad Walker gave everyone a tax break instead of paying back the $2 billion owed the transportation trust fund that politicians used the past 20 years to plug budget shortfalls.

-- gpawcat

-- Why is Wisconsin adverse to a toll system? I recently drove the Ohio Turnpike, and tolls amounted to around $50 to pass through that state.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

On city might move historic home: The city should move it and absorb all costs to make it like it was in a new location for the current owner. If it had some stupid rare bug or turtle living under it, it would have been saved (sarcasm). Taking this house is just not right, especially after all the city does to preserve historic buildings and homes in Janesville.

-- hdonlybob

-- It seems to have some interesting features. Looks like it could have potential. Even if a private entity could buy it for 68 grand and move it for 20 grand, now might be a good time to do that.

-- Neil Johnson


To Greg Peck: My longtime pet peeve is slow drivers in the left lane. This is so pervasive in Janesville that the right lane is the fast lane most of the time.

-- Nick Danger

-- People who don't listen. People who sit in a waiting room and ignore the person that brought them because they are talking on the cellphone in their “outside” voice. … I don't want to hear about your life! I hate when people who live in apartments have their own “stall” but park in front of my house!

-- ms pacman

-- I am contemptuous of people who project their personality problems onto screeds they call their politics. Also, people who sneeze and cough in public without covering up. Oh, yeah, and people who explain gluttony on the mythical land known as the “food desert.” Not to mention that public service announcement with a kid singing a song ordering me to give my car away for free.

-- NewerTestament

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