Sound Off for Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

On Walker: In the 2010 campaign, Scott Walker suggested he would create 250,000 jobs in his first term. He failed, so let’s hold him to his word so he can become a full-time student and complete his college degree.

-- Good for Scott Walker, our good governor. To all the Walker fans, I just put my “I stand for Walker” sign up in the yard. Just to let everybody know, it's time to put your signs up. Go, Walker, go.

On liquor licenses: I can't believe that city staff is still trying to sell ordinance changes as an economic development program. From the testimony, it sounds like there's only two small businesses that want liquor licenses, yet they're proposing broad rule changes that would negatively impact existing holders as well as the broader community.

On mail theft: Regarding Page 2A last Wednesday, I thought it was a federal offense to tamper with U.S. mail. An ordinary citizen would be behind bars, but a government employee gets probation for stealing mail and money in that mail? I want Judge Adelman if I ever have to appear in court.

On drunken driver: I'm referring to Page 3A Thursday about the man who got 10 years for killing his friend in a crash. Nowhere does it say that the friend was partly responsible for getting in a car with a drunken driver, so it's not 100 percent the driver's fault.

On Mike Sheridan: Sheridan's experiences are much needed in the state Capitol.

On Parkview referendum: The superintendent and board should not be boasting too much about winning. Winning by 26 votes isn't a landslide. The three largest communities tell the story. Newark voted 2-to-1 “no”; Footville was 50-50, and Orfordville 2-1 “yes.” Congratulations to Orfordville. If you don't like your sizeable tax increase for the next 20 years, did you get out and vote?

On loud motorcycles: This is in response to Sunday's Sound Off suggesting motorcycles must be loud so they can be heard as well as seen. Well, maybe motorcycles should be outlawed on the road if they're so unsafe and cars and pickups should be as loud as possible so they are safer.

On firefighters: Firefighters pay for their own food and the television and any other expenses they have. Therefore, I don't believe people should worry about taxpayers paying for these things.

On China program: The Janesville School Board and Superintendent Karen Schulte should be proud of their China program. The district is providing a prep school, high school experience for wealthy Chinese students seeking admission to prestigious U.S. colleges. Well done.

On Austin Road: It's used by many people and by Parker High School. I know part of it is in the city and part in the town or county, and I was wondering if they couldn't get together and fix that road and maybe widen it a little in case a driver or bus has a problem. The road is in horrible shape.

On Lux column: Anna Marie Lux's article in Sunday's paper was great. Internments done at the time were the Japanese, the Germans and also Italian-Americans. Not really a great time in our history.

On GM: I'm surprised anybody from Janesville or Rock County would buy a General Motors product. Now they're going to spend $12 billion in China, and they're spending all that money in Mexico. Janesville they dropped like a hat. Besides, what they build is not very safe, and they're not very honest telling you that they are safe.

On fuel options: The article on Page 6B Monday, “In the short run, gas beats biofuel,” confirms everything I've been saying for years, Ethanol costs more, pollutes more. You use nearly as much energy to produce a gallon of it as you get from burning a gallon of it so why do we have it? It's being shoved down our throats by the government.

On food stamps: I get less than $1,000 a month, and when I went on disability, they took away my $189 a month food stamps, so now I only get $50. By the time I pay rent, utilities, for gas and car insurance, I have nothing to eat on. How am I supposed to live if they don't give me food stamps?

On land dispute: I am so disappointed in The Gazette. The story on the Nevada rancher being threatened by the Bureau of Land Management and FBI, a virtual standoff with armed citizens trying to protect their rights, and not a peep in your paper. This story shows why the Second Amendment allowing the right to bear arms is so crucial to our freedom.

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